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Stop Drinking Alcohol 79 – Expecting Symptoms, Your Reasons to Quit, Maximizing Your Time Left

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 11 comments

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What Are Your Reasons to Quit Drinking Alcohol?
Should You Expect Any Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms?
Maximizing Your Valuable Days After Your Alcohol Problems Are Behind You

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  1. AlcoholMasteryTV
  2. dave smith

    I’ve been watching your videos a lot lately. They are helping me a lot, you
    talk a lot of sense.
    Thanks mate.

  3. John Nolan

    powerful stuff as always

  4. John D

    I just ordered your book version on Amazon. Can’t wait to read it! Your
    walks through the Spain desert while talking is more inspiring than if you
    were sitting in a chair.

  5. John D

    Great point that we’ll never get those days back, but, we have to move on!

  6. James Flynn

    thanks for the video Kevin – appreciate what you are doing, it’s good support in the journey.

  7. james

    thanks Kevin.

  8. Joan

    Can’t tell you how much I appreciate and need this input . Today is my end date set 3 weeks ago! I’ve been goin’ around this mountain for 4 yrs. Again, thank you

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Congrats to you Joan, let me know how you’re doing!

  9. Clay Ryan

    Kevin, your words help me so much everyday. It’s nice because you touch on
    so many questions I have when I start to gravitate back to drinking and
    then I listen to your videos and it grounds me again, You’re a better
    friend than most of my friends and we don’t even know each other. Thank
    you for that. Seriously, thank you!

  10. K A TheHUN

    Kev just need your advice for a last 6 month i was douing good and dry and
    on may 1st some old friend popped by and started on the wagen again
    …….i dont need it i dont want it and i can stop it but wen is the right
    time when ever there is to say so long to boose ?


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