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Stop Drinking Alcohol 76

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 10 comments

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  1. AlcoholMasteryTV
  2. Kurt Barlow

    I’m drunk now but love yer stuff! ….some day?
    Peace Brother

  3. hawkboy451

    Superb video, you are an inspirational star ! Well done mate !

  4. DB Cooper

    I am at the half way mark of your video and I want to agree that the
    alcohol companies are wanting kids to drink..they want people to drink
    more, not less and the younger they can get them started the better..it is
    not an ethical product..I know there are some people that can have one
    drink and that’s it, but in that moment they are wanting to feel
    intoxicated..I have also heard that it is only a small pecent of people
    that abuse alcohol, but I think the problem is much worse.here in America I
    see beer trucks going to all the stores and the delivery guys pushing carts
    loaded down with 6, 12,18,24 packs of beer..these are not being sold to the
    people that drink one or two drinks a day..so many humans are using this
    drug to relax, or feel peaceful or whatever…they are numbing and sedating
    themselves with a toxin…Kevin, I remember in one of your other videos
    when you said that if alcohol was invented today, it would never get
    approved for human consumption, and your so right..Its been more than 3
    weeks since I quit, and until today I did not feel any cravings..I was in
    my shed looking for some tool and saw some of my dads tools and all of a
    sudden I just started missing him so much..I thought about how silent it
    was there without him playing his old bluegrass music..I just felt so sad
    for him because he suffered and died with cancer and he was my best
    friend..and even right now I am crying because I miss him so much, and
    earlier I wanted to get sedated and just get drunk, but I did not because I
    know that there is a part of him in me, and I don’t want to hurt him, and I
    have to love myself enough not to want to hurt me either..I am trying to
    become more spiritual and I know that alcohol has prevented me from being
    the best I can..I want to feel and know that his true self did not die, and
    that somewhere across the universe he is alive and thriving with love and
    happiness, and at his side is our black labs,Nina and Magic..two of the
    sweetest dogs ever…I want to see all of them again but first I must
    complete my life here..and do it without drugs..ok Kevin..I will watch the
    other half of your video now..enjoying your wisdom as you are
    walking..thanks for helping me to help myself…love you man.

  5. Boncuk

    Brilliant post! Just a few thoughts….It’s interesting that when one visits mental health professionals in the US for alcohol issues, an excessive amount of initial focus is on abstract introspection rather than first providing granular, step by step methods to cease drinking. It is logical to assume that it may be difficult for a psychologist to deal with the root causes and/or triggers until the alcohol user completely stops imbibing.

    • Kevin O'Hara

      There are so many different methods for helping people to quit. Most therapists are constrained by the belief that there is a ‘cure’ for this ‘disease’. One of the principles of the disease theory is that a person cannot control of their alcohol use, but one of the prerequisites of being allowed into a program is to curb their intake. If they are able to curb their intake, by definition they are controlling their drinking, which means the principle is wrong.

  6. sammy1968oo

    Day 10 for me and i’m feeling great, I filled to gap left by being drunk with cooking great food for my children and they are loving it, so am I. Thankyou so much Kevin, you’ve made me view alcohol differently and because of you I can see a great life ahead totally free of that horrible poison. Thanks again..you’re ace x


    • Kevin O'Hara

      Hey Sam, it’s a great life best enjoyed with your senses switched on full blast.

  7. Al B

    Just turned 40, drink veggie shakes daily- exercise daily- stopped drinkin
    daily for 3m now, stomach pain started-endoscopy shows
    ulcers…unbelievable- did my drinkin hide this? Want to hv drink bc cnt
    believe this- know wnt do any good but real conundrum bc sick after
    stop???? I mean come on! Is what my brain is sayin

  8. John D

    Have you ever water fasted? I’m told that is the best way to detox and lose
    cravings. I can’t make it past the first day myself.


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