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Stop Drinking Alcohol 78 – Going to the Pub, Positivity & Determination, and No More Hangovers!

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  1. AlcoholMasteryTV
  2. pete

    You got me thinking about where i drink and would i really miss those places and i all honesty i don’t think i will and neither will i miss the people. I wouldn’t ask them to come and drink with me in my own home and truth be told they are as sad as i am thinking that standing in a building with mostly strangers talking meaningless shite is some form of relaxation. Most of my heaviest drinking was done alone sat in the garden or on family get togethers. this will be the tough one but the time when being A/F will reap benefits beyond myself. As in gaining some respect from my sons and possibly influencing them to look at their drinking habits. many thanks pete.

  3. Holly

    Great help Kevin!!! I am reading your first book. Today is day one for me. I am ready. So sick of feeling sick. As you said; A new life is awaiting me and as soon as I quit that new life begins.
    Here I go. I can do this!
    Thank you so very much for being you and doing all the Alcohol Mastery videos and books. Through watching you I am starting to realize that life doesn’t have to be this hard.

  4. BlkDiesel

    Great video Kevin. Although I don’t deal with the pub situation, as I’m not
    a pub goer or frequenter the advice is very good insightful. What resonated
    with me is the parts on being positive and determination and how important
    it is to one’s personal success.

  5. 2dogs

    Great walk buddy!!! You make a lot of sense. onward/upwards!!

  6. Proba Probanovic

    found this useful. Trying to achieve this goal I came across a new product
    – for getting off booze for good – Kinchester Inspired Booze Support (do a
    google search)? I have heard some unbelievable things about it and my
    friend got cool results with it.

  7. John D

    I’ve seen other vids where (EVEN a PASTOR who was addicted to heroine,
    cocaine and alcohol in his 20’s) long time addicts say alcohol is the worst
    one to overcome.

  8. John D

    At 51 years old, I agree that my hangovers are worse since starting
    drinking at 18 years old. BTW, I’m still unemployed by choice to try to
    learn to stop drinking. I’m 3/4 way through your book and your right about
    scare tactics from institutions that want thousands of dollars telling you
    its UNSAFE to quit on your own. They won’t mention changing habits or mind
    control. They want you to take drugs to quell the withdrawal symptoms,
    which they get kickbacks for on each prescription. The same goes for cancer
    patient doctors.

  9. John D


  10. John Says

    Thank You Kevin, really enjoy your videos I’m 60 years old never drank much until i turned 51 i then meet the wrong group of people the rest is history.
    I always had bad hangovers but it didn’t stop me until lately the depression has been over whelming can’t think straight also very low self esteem I’m truly done kevin
    I always think about one of your sayings Drink, Get Drunk, Recover Thats been my life for almost ten years. I thank God i found your book and website

    God Bless You Kevin

  11. Boo

    Brilliant podcast Kevin, thank you so much. Really helpful. Love your book too! Keep up the fantastic work, it’s such a support.


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