One on One Mastery Coaching

Get Personalized Guidance in Your Journey to a Better Life

The Mastery Coaching Process

  • Stage 1: Preparation

    In Stage 1, we will design your custom-fit preparation plan together. The better prepared you are, the greater your chances of succeeding. Our initial goal is to get you jumping enthusiastically across the starting line quickly, leaving your old drinking behavior behind you, and advancing into your new life with as little friction or conflict as possible.

  • Stage 2: The First 30 Days

    In Stage 2, we place the focus on simplicity, taking things step by step and day by day, moving you further away from the alcohol habit and driving you towards your next goal: your first 30 days without alcohol.
    Reaching 30 days is a huge psychological milestone that will supercharge your momentum. To reach that milestone we will find and focus on the key issues which can help or hinder your progress.

    We’ll identify your alcohol triggers, establish and deal with any internal or external obstacles that you might have, and work on your assumptions and realistic expectations.

  • Stage 3: The First 90 Days

    In Stage 3, we will work on creating some strategies for permanently eliminating your old alcohol behaviors and patterns, controlling any residual alcohol thoughts, and designing a plan of action to get you to your next goal: your first 90 days without alcohol.
    I’ll give you tailored tools, techniques, or strategies that you can use right away or as you need.

  • Stage 4: Maintenance

    In the Final stage, we will develop a game plan for maintaining your commitment and momentum into the future.
    At this stage you will see your self-control skills evolving as you create better, more constructive habits that consistently add significant value and direction to your life.


    *Please note: the stage we begin at will depend on where you are in your new journey. If you haven’t stopped drinking yet, we will begin at stage 1. If you have already stopped drinking alcohol, we can start at stage 2 or 3, depending on your needs.

Each Session Includes:

  • Custom fit coaching
  • A concrete goal for the next few days or week (depending on the frequency of our sessions)
  • A simple and realistic step by step plan tailored for your goal
  • Everything you’ll need to reach your goal and avoid obstacles on the way
  • A solid personal commitment to reaching your goal
  • A personal strategy for accountability
  • Real time feedback
  • Consistent and honest feedback

Get the Guidance You Need Today...

30 Day Coaching Package

  • 1 Preparation Call (30 Minutes)
  • 4 Weekly 30 Min Calls for First 4 Weeks (1 per Week)
  • Total Coaching Time: 150 Minutes (2.5 Hrs)

90 Day Coaching Package

  • 1 Preparation Call (60 Minutes)
  • 8 Weekly 30 Min Calls for First 4 Weeks (2 per Week)
  • 8 Weekly 30 Min Calls for Next 8 Weeks (1 per Week)
  • Total Coaching Time: 540 Minutes (9 Hrs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • q-iconWhat if I don't want a full package?

      If you would like just a single coaching session to go over some specific problems that you may be having, you can book a 30 minute call by clicking here.

    • q-iconWill Alcohol Mastery show up on my credit card statement?

      For discretion, the name that will appear on your bank or credit card statement is Kevin O’Hara.

    • q-iconCan I hire you to coach someone else?

      Of course! So long as you have the other person’s consent and commitment.

    • q-iconWhat security do you have for credit card payments? and are both SSL protected. All credit card payments are handled through our online payments provider, Stripe. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

    • q-iconDoes the One on One Mastery Coaching involve 12 step programs or their methods?

      No. Our One on One coaching methods are in no way affiliated to AA or any other 12 step programs. We believe in your individual control, power, and responsibility.

    • q-iconDo you offer medical advice?

      No. Our coaching methods are psychological in nature. If you need medical treatment or advice, you must visit a qualified medical practitioner. In fact, it is recommended that you visit a doctor before you attempt any stop drinking program.

    • q-iconHow long does someone need One on One coaching?

      It depends. Each individual is going to have different needs. For some people, a 30 day program is enough. Others respond better to more longer range coaching options. It also depends on what you want to get out of your coaching sessions.

    • q-iconWhat is your cancellation policy?

      We require 24 hours cancellation notice prior to your scheduled appointment. The 30 Day Package and single sessions expire after 90 days. The 90 Day Package expires after 180 days.

    100% Money Back Guarantee!

    Risk-Free 100% Money Back Guarantee

    If you are not completely happy with our coaching, tell me by the end of our first coaching session and I will refund 100% of your money.

    *Guarantee only applies to packages, not for single sessions.