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Quit Drinking Changes For the Better – You’re Going To Look Different

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 6 comments

Today, I want to talk about just quitting drinking alcohol and the changes for the better, in terms of how you look.

I think everyone cares about how they look, a lot of people.

Me, especially, I go ‘’Ah, I don’t care about how I look’’.

But we do.

It’s just a part of our nature, I think.

It’s part of who we are.

And I think it’s one of the biggest things I noticed about myself when I quit drinking, was just the way I changed in appearance.

I look back at that first video and it’s so different to the person I am now, not just the shape of my face, the weight I had on – I had an extra 60 pounds on my body-, but you know you can’t go through all those toxins and still look healthy.

It’s just not possible.

So, when you look at yourself a year down the road, there are so many parts of your life that are going to change; the way you think, the way you behave, the way you act, it’s amazing.

Thinking for me was one of the biggest things, just the change in outlook, the change in the things that you can do, the change in what you want to do, the motivations, your expectations.

And you don’t really notice these changes in your physical self for a while.

They take a while to filter through.

But it’s after you’ve gone through a year and you look back on old photographs, if you’ve done old videos of yourself you can see it better.

Then you really notice the changes.

I always say to people,

make that first video on the day that you quit, or within a short time of when you quit and take a look at that, because that’s going to give you motivation.

You see the changes after a month, but you really see the changes after a year.

But it’s the same as anything else.

If you eat a diet of McDonald’s and all of a sudden you change the diet, you start eating whole foods, real food that grows out of the ground and not adulterated by chemicals, preservatives or any of that shit, you will notice the difference in yourself.

A year later you will be a completely different person. What you put into your body is what you’re made of, and that includes the stuff that you’re drinking.

If you drink alcohol, then that’s what your body has for fuel.

You can be eating good food at the same time; I wasn’t, not most of the time anyway.

I thought I was eating healthy but once I was drinking, I didn’t give a shit what I was eating.

I was making this point yesterday as I spoke in a podcast that I did with somebody else.

Those changes in your life are so apparent, one big change, one change like taking alcohol out of your life, getting rid of all those toxins…that all starts having a snowball effect on all areas of your life.

You start to see things.

I’ve spoken about this before.

The alcohol was masking a lot of my other problems.

It masks everything else because it’s so pervasive.

It’s a big toxin to be taking into your body especially on a regular basis.

It hides all these other things.

Once I stopped drinking, I started to notice when I became dehydrated; I knew it was dehydration this time and I wasn’t just pining for a drink.

I notice in the morning when I don’t have my pint of water. I notice when I don’t eat properly.

If I eat crap food, I notice it the next day, I get a hangover!

It’s really strange.

I think the same thing happens when you move from a really stressful environment where there’s a lot of smog, a lot of stress, and you move to a more tranquil and country sort of type of environment.

You notice how you look.

I hope you got something out of that video, if you have any questions at all, any comments, then leave a comment down below. Go over to the website and sign up for our newsletter and I’ll see you again.

Have a good day, keep the alcohol out of your mouth, stay healthy, stay safe.


Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. Russell

    Like this vedio,I’m just starting to study rakai ,and finding out how alcohol rely Effects this kind of work.unbelivsble.i know becouse I went to a party and thought just a little would not hurt me but when I got home and tried to do dome rakes I on my self big no,no.so this has now really convenient me into nit ever touching the stuff ever again.your vedios are so up lefting.thsnk you.

  2. Tracey

    So true.i ended up on 3 day bender n can feel the crapness inside mi.going t do that video u suggested.n start again.thanx

    • Kevin O'Hara

      It’s the easiest solution, every minute of every day is a chance to start afresh…

  3. Susan handel


  4. Gill

    Hi kevin
    Look forward to seeing you everyday love your videos and what a great inspiration you are, I am going to do my video today what a fab idea..
    Thank you so much for doing what you do. ?


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