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Why I Don’t Take Any Drugs – Even Caffeine

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 6 comments

Why do I not take any drugs anymore?

Why do I not take even caffeine anymore?

Today I want to talk about my drug use.

I don’t take any drugs anymore, I don’t take anything.

In the past, I’ve smoked cigarettes, I’ve done weed, obviously done alcohol, caffeine, sugar, I’ve done ecstasy, speed.

The most horrible one was LSD.

I took that once and I never tried it again.

But the other things I’ve done on occasion, alcohol, sugar, caffeine, done on a regular basis most of my life, and I recently stopped drinking caffeine.

I did it first last year when I did this juice diet, just a juice detox.

I detoxed my whole body for a month and just drank juices.

I lost a few pounds and I ended up feeling good.

I got off a lot of what I used to take, like salt, processed sugar and caffeine.

I stopped dinking caffeine for a month.

I went back on the caffeine after, about 6 weeks after I stopped.

I remember the first cup and I was feeling so hyped up I was out walking.

I didn’t really notice the effects that much.

I did the same this year and I just decided to stop.

It had nothing to do with the juice diet or the juice detox.

I basically did it because I was getting some kind of headaches and I wasn’t sure what the cause of the headaches was, and so I stopped drinking coffee.

Again I went off it for about 6 weeks, and I saw that the headaches disappeared.

I started feeling good in myself.

When I went off the caffeine for the first time, the headaches sort of got worse at first.

I started to feel sluggish, and I was getting withdrawal symptoms from the caffeine.

But then, after a while, only a short time, I suppose a week, I was grand.

I was getting up in the morning and there was no hassle with me at all.

So, I had the first one at home and that made me shaky and I thought ‘no, I’m not doing it now.’

But I love the smell of coffee, the temptation thing.

Then, maybe a month went by and I went to my sister’s and turned to my sister and she said ‘do you want a coffee’, and I could smell that she’d already made one, and I said ‘Yeah, a little coffee. Why not, I haven’t had one in a while’.

And, my hands started shaking, trembling really badly and I was really sorry that I’d taken it.

Really sorry that I did.

So, my decision was not to do it anymore.

I’ve just tried to eliminate everything that’s got the face of a drug on it now.

I don’t want to live my life where I’m relying on something else for something that I want inside.

For energy, for anything like that.

I want to rely on food for that.

Good food to feed my body and give my body the nutrition that it needs to live a healthy and strong life, a long life.

Once you start eating healthy, you notice the difference.

It’s a knock down effect.

You don’t notice the food that is bad for you until you get rid of alcohol,

or you get rid of smoking or whatever the drug is that you’ve got in your life.

Because that’s going to mask everything else, it’s going to mask all the symptoms.

But then you stop doing that, and you’ll notice all the other things.

I would’ve never noticed the coffee because, frankly when you get up in the morning with a stinking fucking hangover, you need all the help you can get, and that requires more drugs, because you’re not going to get that from food.

Maybe if I used to get up and have a cup of coffee, two cups of coffee, three cups of coffee, and then maybe have a fried up breakfast all because that would settle my stomach, and it was the only thing that could settle my stomach.

So, it’s adding insult to injury.

It’s taking one shit situation and piling on another shit situation until you’ve got a big shit-storm.

When you get off the alcohol, you start noticing the other parts of your life that are causing you grief and causing you pain.

What I could say is the food for me is a big one.

The good nutrition, all the stuff that you put into your body should first and foremost be of good nutritional value; not about entertainment, but about long term health and fitness.

I want to get my vitality through my sleep.

When I get regular sleep, get good sleep, if I need to sleep during the day, to have a siesta and use that as a natural part of your system.

Another way to get your health and vitality in real life is through exercise.

You get off your ass and you do something, and when you do something, your body responds.

And the fourth way is through your mental enthusiasm.

If you’ve got mental enthusiasm for the goals that you pursue in life, it makes everything worthwhile, I tell you.

The more that you’re chasing and you’re facing forwards towards the goals in your life, and you’re leaving all this crap behind you, all the booze and the other crap parts of your life that you’ll find out once you stop drinking the booze.

Then you’ll build up that big pool of mental enthusiasm that you can take anywhere.

It’s like anything else in life;

if you want to stop something, it takes discipline.

But you’re going to need to cut down on the coffee, on the alcohol, and gradually do it bit by bit.

I’d recommend that if you’re having a preparation stage before you quit, to slowly reduce the amount over that preparation stage and then by the time you get to your actual quit day, you stop.

That’s it.

You don’t put any more in your mouth.

It’s the same with coffee, you’re got to have the commitment to do it.

Be persistent.

It takes effort, any change is going to take effort in your life and you’ve got to put up with that.

Expect it, expect the effort but know that you’ve got something pulling you forward instead of pulling you back, and the effort gets a lot easier, the commitment is a lot easier.

You don’t need the persistence or will power or any of that stuff.

Whether it’s alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, sugar or any of that stuff.
Just do it.

It won’t take long before you see the benefits and once you start feeling the benefits, you’ll know that you’re on the right track, you did the right thing.

And then for the rest of your life you’re free!

You don’t have to do this again.

You struggle and you keep giving into temptation, all you’re doing is prolonging the pain, making the pain worse.

The more you put it in, is going to make the situation worse, the more you don’t put it in, it’s going to make the situation better.

Anyway that’s why I don’t take any drugs any more in life.

Because if you look at an animal in the wild, any toned environment, I don’t mean pent up in a zoo or any of that stuff.

Look at an animal in its own environment, and all it’s got is the food that it’s eating, the air that it’s breathing, and it’s healthy.

Most of these animals are healthy in their natural state and where they’re not being eaten by something else, or they haven’t been killed by some freak accident or something like that.

These are healthy animals, you never see a fat animal in the wild because they just don’t do it.

They don’t get themselves into that situation because they eat until they’re full, they eat the right foods, they get exercise.

I don’t know about their mental state of mind, but I think when an animal is in its own natural environment, living its own natural life, then its mental state is very good.

And they get enough sleep.

That’s what we should be looking at.

But we say ‘we’re not animals’.

Of course we’re animals.

Same thing, same blood and bones and skin and muscle and brain.

We might higher animals in certain respects, but we’ve done a lot to ourselves, to try not to bring ourselves backwards in our evolution by the food that we eat, what we do to ourselves.

There’s no animal that would do that, only a caged animal.

I hope you got something out of that video, of value.

If you have a question, leave a comment down below.

Any questions at all, any comments.

The audio will be available on the website.

I don’t know if the patron thing is on yet, but it’s what I’m trying to do for the month of July when this video comes out.

The thing where people leave their interest in becoming a patron of alcohol mastery.

You’ll find a link on the sidebar on the website. If you want to contribute to the show I’d really appreciate that.

It helps with the costs, it keeps the whole thing running.

Until next time, have a great day, enjoy yourself, keep the alcohol out of your mouth. Keep the other drugs out of your mouth too because it all adds up.


Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. Thomas

    Just like to say iam really enjoying your videos. I’ve quit drinking about 4 times now and my thoughts are to never quit quitting. I’ve had pretty good success with that. Me & you think a lot in the same way. And this video nails it .. I to have quit the weed awhile ago . About a month and a half from quitting drinking.. And not missing it that much . But it is hard when everyone around you drinks. I’ve been to a few party’s and never touch a drop . And still had lots of fun I find iam more alert and my mind is clear so in that way I carry on a better and funnier conversation. And I also go for daily walks throughout the forest and trails. ( natures a great stress reliever). Eat very healthy .. Don’t put drugs in my system .. Nothing at all not pain relievers or anything of that nature.. And no coffee cause it’s a drug to. And I have to say I feel pretty damn good lately .. I would go as far as saying awesome. Lol. But it really nice to listen to your videos and see that iam not the only one thinking in this way .. When a guy makes such changes your old life style kinda disappears as well and you find you don’t have as much in common with old friends like you use to. But that’s ok whether they like it or not iam still showing up at the party. There just going to have to get use to me not drinking. Sometimes I think they are going to miss my drinking more then I am. Lol. Anyway now that I talked your ear off I just want to say thanks for the videos.. Good job… Keep up the good work your doing. ?

  2. Karen

    Hi Kevin,
    How do you get through the afternoon energy dip without caffeine?

  3. Margaret McDonnell

    Fantastic video Kevin. I look forward to your videos. Thank you for all you do. Margaret

  4. sam

    Hey kevin,I just like to say that I have been looking for a how to quit alcohol video and you’re video hits right at home with my own situation,but I’m still drinking. I’m seeing a video every morning before work hopefully that will do the trick, thanks !


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