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Preparing to Stop Drinking Booze | Stay Consistent in Your New Habits

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 3 comments

One of the things about habit change is that you have to stay consistent or inconsistent depending on which direction you want to go.

Depending on if you want to move towards a habit or away from it.

Today, I want to talk about consistency in habit formation or inconsistency in habit deconstruction.

A lot of the time when you’re building a habit, habit is all about trying to repeat something over and over again.

That’s how your body recognises it as something worthwhile in your life.

It’s how your mind is going to eventually engineer that into a deep-seated habit over weeks, months, years, depending on how long you do it.

The only way that your brain can figure out that you want to do something over and over again and turn it into a habit is you repeat it over and over again.

And you have to repeat the same sort of thing.

For instance if you want to build a habit of running, you’ve got to run every day or consistently days during the week or 3 days during the week.

It has to be consistent.

You might only start out with running around the block, half a mile and you’ll get to a mile.

You might start out only being able to run for a minute and walk for a minute, but eventually with consistency, the habit will start to kick in.

You’ll be able to run whatever distance you train for.

There are marathons that people do – 26.2miles.

There are ultra-marathons which are like 100 miles.

Go figure why anyone would want to do that.

I’m saying the point is that with anything you want to achieve in life, consistency is one of the keys.

It’s repeating something over and over again, learning from your mistakes and changing things a little bit.

But, the majority of what you’re going to do is consistently the same.

Now the opposite is true for habit change, when you’re trying to eliminate a habit from your life.

Therein, inconsistency is the key.

You can look at this in two ways:

you can be consistently not doing something or you can be inconsistent in your doing it.

When you’re quitting drinking, you have to consistently not do something over and over again for it to work.

You have to be consistent in your refusal to do that thing.

But as I said before, you cannot just leave a behavioural vacuum.

You can’t do that.

It’s just not possible to leave a gap in your life, you have to fill it with something.

That’s where new behaviours come in.

The new behaviours that you bring in, doing those consistently will eradicate the old habit as well.

You’ve got two shots at the target here: you’ve got consistency in not doing something and the consistency of doing something.

I hope that makes sense.

Just a short video this morning.

Consistency of habit.

That’s what is going to help you out with either creating or destroying habits.

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Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. Ricky L Powell

    Thank you again my friend.


    I haven’t yet found the new habit – think I need to think about that and quickly. But have 62 days A.

  3. Kathy

    Happy to have found your website. Thank you for all you do.



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