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Preparing to Stop Drinking Booze|Get Out Of Your Combat Zones

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One of the best ways to prepare yourself to quit drinking is to prepare your environment, to re-engineer it to your own specifications.

This is a quick video on one of the tips that you can take in your life to prepare yourself for quitting drinking.

That’s to prepare your environment.

Your environment is one of the biggest areas for triggers in your life.

No matter where you are, this is the place, your office, your home, the route you take from your home to your office, the route you take to drop the kids off at school, all these kinds of things.

These all involve triggers.

They might not all involve alcohol triggers, you’ve got to isolate those areas in your life which trigger off your alcohol habit and try and change those areas.

You’ve got a lot more control over your home environment than your office environment.

Unless you own the office and you can make a lot more changes.

You’ve got a lot less control over anywhere outside of those things.

Really make an effort of looking into your home and removing any of the areas that are causing you to think about alcohol.

One of the areas to start is getting rid of the alcohol, the alcohol paraphernalia, the corkscrews, bottle openers, glasses, beer mats, anything reminding you of alcohol in your house.

If you normally sit at night when you’re drinking, sit somewhere else.

Rearrange the furniture if you can.

Put the TV on the other side of the room.

Change things if you can.

Move things around a bit so that it’s different and not a big reminder.

There are plenty of other things that you can do like this to help yourself.

Try and do this before you stop.

Do this in your preparation stage.

Sometimes there’s not a lot you can do.

If your partner is going to continue to drink, you can always have a chat and say ‘I want to try and make these changes, and the first change is I want to get the alcohol out of my life. I’m stopping for a while’ or whatever way you put it.

Say ‘can you give me a helping hand? Can you drink in another room? Instead of drinking in a wine glass, can you drink in a coffee cup? Keep the wine in the cupboard instead of on the counter?’

These are all things that your partner can do to help you.

Like I said, with the outside world, you won’t be able to do too much.

It’s difficult to have an advertising billboard torn down or get a liquor store or the pubs closed down.

You won’t be able to do that, but you can change your room.

You don’t have to go by these places.

You certainly don’t have to go into your local liquor store.

You don’t have to go down the liquor aisle in the supermarket.

You don’t have to pass by the pub that you normally go into.

You can avoid them.

If you can’t change the environment, then avoid it.

Just a short video here for a quick tip.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below.

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