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Preparation to Stop Using Alcohol|Get Massive Leverage on Yourself

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If you really want to make a commitment to change, then you have to get leverage on yourself.

Today, I want to talk about getting leverage on yourself.

If you want to make a change in this world, you have to have a certain level of commitment.

You’ve got to have full commitment if you want to quit drinking alcohol because it is often a lifestyle habit and it takes a big commitment to change.

Motivation is something that you need to have as well.

But motivation can be very fluid.

One day you can be really motivated, you’ve got your reasons to quit right up there in your mind, and the next day you’re not that motivated.

But that’s the human condition.

It’s the same as willpower.

Willpower is like a muscle that if you use it, you strengthen it and if you don’t use it, you lose it.

And you only have a limited amount of willpower, so they say.

I think willpower goes with your energy level, so the more energy you have, the more willpower you have.

These are two fluid things that we have in our lives.

Either the willpower is there or it’s not, depending on the day.

It’s the same with motivation.

But commitment has got to be there 24/7.

Once you have commitment, you’re not going to give up no matter what happens.

Let’s take an example from the real world.

Imagine a brain surgeon who goes in, and he’s got to do five surgeries in one day, but he feels motivated to do only four surgeries.

He opens up the skull and he’s like yeah.

But the fifth one, he has no motivation at all.

What he’s got is commitment.

He’s committed to being the best version of himself, to putting the best in to every one of those five surgeries that he’s doing.

It’s the same that you’ve got to have every day.

The commitment that you have to have to quit drinking alcohol.

Who cares what happens?

You have to be committed to that one task of no putting the alcohol into your mouth.

You’ve got to be committed to aiming yourself forward instead of backwards, aiming yourself towards the new goals that you’ve got in your life and not backwards.

I think it was Archimedes that said ‘give me a place to stand, give me a liver and I’ll move the world.’

If you’ve ever used a shovel, if you break that shovel handle in half and try and dig with that shovel, you’ve got no chance.

You might stick it in with your feet but you’re not going to leverage any of the ground out. And the reason why is because you’ve lost your leverage.

The leverage comes in the handle.

It’s the same thing in the habit change.

You have to find some way of leveraging that part of your life.

Find a leverage.

Something that you can use in your life that’s going to help you along the way.

People are a great leverage.

Leverage by pain or pleasure, there are two different angles.

Pain in general, it’s difficult to change.

Change brings pain, it’s just one of the things that happen.

Outside of our comfort zone, to one level or the other, we always get a certain amount of pain from change.

Obviously the bigger the change, the more pain and discomfort you’re going to get.

So, that’s the way you have to think about it.

So, you can actually find leverage in pain, and I’m not talking about causing yourself physical pain, but what you’re trying to do is associate the pain with the old habit.

So, you’re associating the pain with staying drinking alcohol, with remaining doing what you’re doing.

One way to do this is take a sheet of paper and put a line down the middle, and write down the stuff that will happen if you change, and the stuff that will happen if you remain the same.

So, how your life is going to turn out if you remain the same or if you make the changes.

Make these very vivid.

Be dramatic in these things.

Think about it in terms of your body, physical and mental changes that will happen if either or circumstance.

You should have a lot of ammunition for change, especially if you’re listening to my videos.

You’re going to see that change is the better outcome than not changing.

Me changing now is definitely going to be.

If I don’t change now, what the fuck is going to happen to me? Where am I going to turn up? How is my life likely to turn out?

Another way you can look at is the pleasure aspect of this.

Look at it from the perspective of little bit of pain now and pleasure later.

Whereas if you don’t change, you’ve got a bit of pleasure now, as I said in previous videos that pleasure has got diminishing returns.

The more you drink, the less pleasure you derive out of it.

Little bit of pain now to quit drinking.

Go through the process of quitting drinking and changing your life.

That also is a diminishing pain.

The more you go through this pain, the less pain you will have in the long run.

Another thing you can do is to visualise your future.

See your family and friends in both aspects, from the perspective of yeah you quit drinking and how that’s going to turn out.

And, you don’t quit and how that’s going to turn out.

That’s another way of looking at things.

I’m always on about trying to get yourself to look at the future life.

Not the one that you’re leaving behind, nothing that you’re putting behind you but the things you’re going to have when you quit drinking.

So, not only that step by step upwards journey that you’re going to take but the long term benefits of you quitting.

You’ve got to look at that.

That is big leverage, especially if you can do that on a day to day basis.

It only takes a couple of minutes, look at the benefits in terms of money, health, family.

These are all good leverage points.

There are different ways that you can bring other people into this thing of causing you a little bit of pain.

Bring in your friends, your best buddy, someone who is going to follow through with this. Give them a check for a hundred dollars, whatever it is that you can afford.

It has to be something that’s big enough that you’re going to miss if all goes wrong.

The idea is that you give a check to your buddy and you say to him or her ‘if I don’t follow through to my role of getting to a certain date’, whatever date you want to put, maybe 6 months or a year, give them a sum of money that is going to make a dent in your life.

Make the check out to a charity that you just cannot stand.

The idea of you putting money out for them, like the Ku Klux Klan, I don’t know.

It’s going to an organisation that the idea of them getting money off you is a bad idea.

You’re a Democrat, make a donation out to the Republicans.

If you’re in England and you’re Liberal, give a donation to the Conservatives.

I’ll tell you what, that works.

You’ve got two points here, the money loss and the loss of money to somebody that you just hate and would never give money to.

Another thing is to tell your friend that ‘if I don’t get past this, I’m going to do something I don’t want to do’.

Another thing is to eat something that you don’t want to eat.

It’s not going to work for long term goals but… For me recently giving up salt, one of the things I told my partner was that if I don’t give up salt for a week, I have to eat a whole bowl full of parsnips.

I hate parsnips.

I can’t stand the taste of the bloody things.

I’m only 7 days into this but there’s no way I’m going to eat any form of salt.

No chance on this planet.

I hate those things.

Before, when I was eating meat, it would’ve been to eat a can of dog food, or even worse, a can of cat food.

It’s all about finding some way, being experimental, finding a way to get leverage on yourself.

I think this is an important part of it.

You have to think of things from your own perspective, what’s going to work for you.

Be experimental.

Think outside the box.

You’re basically trying to break the pattern.

You’re trying to snap yourself out of whatever you’re doing and give yourself the best chance of succeeding.

If you have any comments or comments, leave them down in the comment section.

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Stay safe, keep the alcohol out of your mouth and find some leverage.


Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. Ralph Gebhard

    Good talk on leverage!


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