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8 Reasons for Drinking Alcohol That You Need to Rethink

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 4 comments

This is what Allen Carr’s book, “The Easy Way to Control Alcohol” is basically about. He delves into all the excuses of drinking, the fun, the relaxation, the socialising, and breaks them down one by one. This video is my own version, with my own experiences, and included how each of these eight drinking alcohol associations have changed since I stopped taking this drug.

8 Reasons for Drinking Alcohol That You Need to Rethink

Today’s video is called 8 Reasons for Drinking Alcohol That You Need to Rethink.

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  1. Dezzer

    This was one of my favourite videos. I’m on a reboot now (day 27), and I belong to a sporting club that seems to be at least as much about the pints afterwards as it is about the sport (probably more). The past 4 weeks, I’ve made a point of still sitting with the lads afterwards, but this time drinking an orange juice or water while they drink their pints. After 2 such sessions, I got over the craving. Then I noticed that I wasn’t missing out on any unique and special social situation like I feared I would. Instead, I saw everyone’s IQ plummeting with every pint consumed. Within an hour, this “special guy time” always ends up being a circle of men trying to talk over one-another with increasingly ridiculous and self-contradictory statements.

    I don’t know what my long-term plan is yet, but I do know that unlike in the past, I am not looking forward to day 31 like a kid does to Christmas. I plan on stretching this experiment out so I’ve been free of the drink longer than I’ve been since I was in my teens. Then I’ll look at the data. Thank you Kevin for your important work.

  2. Peter Brooker

    Hi Kevin, I’m coming up to to 9 months sober. Each month I write a blog on my progress for my own site. This one I’ll centre on how to celebrate without the drink. I wanted to know if you had any thoughts, maybe a line or two I could quote you on and link to your site? I listened to you from the very start and you were very influential in my giving up the drink.

    Many thanks

    Look forward to hearing from you, keep up the good work.


  3. steve mcnall

    hiya kev..
    I just can seem to stop at all,but I am sure your great feelings about not drinking,is because you live in a nice sunny warm place,blue sees etc.
    England is different its all dark and dismal,and depressing.its a bit different too your current world.kind regards steve mcnall


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