8 Healthy Tips for Tapering Off Alcohol

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8 Healthy Tips for Tapering Off Alcohol

Stepping across that line and quitting alcohol cold turkey can be difficult. I always recommend that in the preparation stage, between two weeks and the month before you stop drinking, that you gradually reduce the amount of alcohol that you are drinking. This is known as tapering.

Alcohol works just as well as benzodiazepines for detoxing off alcohol. A lot of people don't want to go to the AA, or medical detox, for many different reasons. For one, they don't want it on their medical records.

This video offers you a few tips on how you can safely taper your alcohol intake over the preparation stage.

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    Great Video Kevin, I’ve been away for a bit, But now I’m back, sick of the struggle, sleepless nights, and feeling like shit, nothing worse than not remembering what you did or didn’t do or what I said to someone Hate It. your video helps me this was very helpful because I feel exactly that way.

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    dude you had me in tears

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