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How to Detox from Alcohol Fast?

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 3 comments

Today’s video is called “How to Detox from Alcohol Fast?” When I’m talking about detoxing, I’m not talking about the getting rid of the physical effects of the alcohol, that simple… You don’t put the alcohol into your mouth any more. Your body will take care of the rest. What I’m talking about is giving yourself the chance to detox quickly, putting yourself in the situation where you can detox quickly



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How to Detox from Alcohol Fast?


  1. Thom

    I just bought this book:

    Living a Century or More: A Scientifically Fact-Based Journey to Longevity by William cortvriendt. It’s available on amazon.com as an epub or in print.

    Written by a MD who researched many medical publications to try and expain why his parents live so long and (relatively) healthy. The key is nutrition, eat what your body really needs. Old fashoined food with proteins, carbohydrates and yes, fat! No processed food but lots of vegetables. You are what you eat. Yet there is a signifacant factor of good or bad luck. It occured to me that this book describes exactly what my body needs. Check it out!

    • Lavonda

      I am so thankful that I found your web page, I am ready to stop drinking but did not want to go to AA but needed something, THIS! Thank you!

  2. Louise

    Kevin, I’m still here. I want to stop soooooo badly. My health is going down the tubes. I have to stop NOW.


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