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10 Things that Happen When You Stop Drinking Alcohol

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 5 comments

Everyone worries about the symptoms and side effects of quitting drinking alcohol! It’s a fact! Why do we focus on that? What are some of the best things that happen? Stop putting a toxin into your body and there are going to be some good outcomes, right! Here are some of the impressive things that happened to me when I stopped drinking.

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  1. George Valadez

    I really enjoy your videos. They have helped me slowly get off alcohol. Thanks. It is a long hard road.

  2. George Valadez

    Thank you for your videos. It is a long hard road and your videos are great start to my day.

  3. Mitch Brousseau

    OMG !! there were millions of reasons to have a beer ! Honey we are having a bbq ! Need beer .. Upset at something have more beer !! someone’s birthday beer again Missing an old girlfriend !! bring tons of beer .. I can go on all week non stop !! I would hear classic xmax music when Christmas came along and would get emotional missing the old days and that would make you drink again .. Well now no more It’s a trap .. don’t fall in it ..

  4. Mícheál

    Interesting points on the economics of alcohol (killing brain cells and progressive habits) – defo lasting damage! Something about that drug that seems to by-pass the persons logic – end result is that ultimately it kills, users (me 15 year bringer – 1 year functional) are kidding themselves, it all makes sense, until it doesn’t, for some it = death. Ahh I really like your videos Kev, informative but above all they are positive. Personally have struggled all the way (like many I suspect) but its good to know there are others who are actually properly discussing about this stuff! Respect..

  5. Janice Gravino

    Thanks so much for your videos. You have made such a difference in my life! You have an abundance of knowledge and really help!!! I go to AA and I do alcohol mastery. I recommend you to so many people. God bless you and your family. I am sure your son is so proud to call you his father. Thanks again and Happy Holidays.


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