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10 Amazing Things That Happen When You Stop Drinking Alcohol

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 23 comments

Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. Ian Gould

    Hiya Kevin,
    I can’t thank you enough!
    Your videos and advice have been so helpful in getting me through these first few weeks of sobriety. I watch everyday and look forward to my “check in”. I am hellbent on sticking with this new lifestyle. Alcohol
    can kiss my Irish arse! I have already noticed quite a few of the benefits you listed in your last video. My wife and kids are even enjoying my company.
    Onwards and upwards!
    Thanks again,

      • Richard mascarenas

        Can I talk to u

  2. John

    Kevin, i just love this video. This should be a go to video all the time for someone having a problem with alcohol, i know i will, one of your best sir!!

    Thank you

  3. Liz Hahn

    Absolutely inspiring reasons to stay off the alcohol! Great video. I will keep this one to listen to over and over again.

  4. Andrew

    Hi Kevin,
    I watch a video every day, and it inspires me.
    I have been stop drinking 14 days now, the longest time ever in my life.
    I will never put a glass or a bottle of acholol to my lips again.
    The way I get through it is just take one day at time.
    Andrew ?

  5. Douglas

    Many tanks Kevin…An extra bit of assistance and guidance being appreciated.
    A buddy and I living and working on projects in the Algarve recognizing it is too easy to let drinking and smoking get out of hand. OK we do enjoy a quality Cigar every evening post dinner but I personally have cut way down on the booze.

    No hard liquor in the house at all…If it was there I would drink it..
    Never buy a bottle of hard booze.If desperate for a Gin and Tonic buy one at a bar bt only one as a treat.

    Etc..Etc..Looking fwd to being part of ‘ The Family ‘…Be well and good luck to all out there,


  6. Levi's Alcohol Free Life

    Many thanks to Kevin, this is a great video. Your videos and advice have been so helpful. The person who wants to get rid of addiction has to put lots of hard work. First of all the patient should decide to start a better life. It is a misconception that alcohol or drug addiction cannot be treated.A person suffering from alcohol abuse needs professional help.Addiction at the early stages can be treated effectively.

  7. Vijay Rudra

    It has been exactly 6 months to the day since my last drink, and I certainly owe a debt of gratitude to you Kevin for your guidance, support and inspiration which allowed me to get through this, and achieve this fantastic milestone. I hope you realise that your videos are a powerful source of inspiration, and are the main thing that pulled me through the initial stages, and kept me on track. I hardly think about the drink these days, although I do have the occasional brain farts here and there. Please continue with the videos, and with Alcohol Mastery, and I hope you know that your hard work and efforts in keeping these going are certainly appreciated. Thank you very much, once again. Onwards & Upwards!

  8. Jerome Tomaszewski

    Been 10 days now just now starting to feel better.i watch your videos every morning it helps me stay strong and alcohol free
    Thank you much

  9. Jeanette

    Brilliant video once again. I suffer from an autoimmune disease so it will be interesting to see how my health improves from now on .
    Thanks again Kevin .

  10. John

    Many thanks Kevin

    Q 5 frogs are sitting on a Lilly Pad in a pond when one decides to jump off. How many frogs are left on the Lilly Pad?

    A Still 5 because deciding to do something is still not doing it.

  11. Jen


    I have been watching and listening to you for quite some time and I just want to say thank you. I have a file of your videos saved and my journey with alcohol and removing it has been off and on and off and on…until now!

    I finally reached that point where the effects were worse than the gains and the gains were just an illusion.

    Your videos and your honest and transparent sharing has inspired me to finally quit.

    I am 11 days out and doing really well. By watching your videos and reading some other good information every day…it hasn’t been hard this time.

    Too many start and stops to count but time to live life again.

    I’m already sleeping better and sure feel better each day. Starting to feel the old energy return and will begin a workout schedule starting tomorrow. Was giving myself permission to tackle these changes one at a time and not all at once.

    I started drinking to kill the pain of a divorce and then…got into the habit of just taking the edge off of my thoughts each night with a bottle of wine. Didn’t seem like a lot until the symptoms started to pile up and I wasn’t feeling well any longer.

    Took a long time to decide I was worth more than feeling that way every day and, in this last quarter of life, I don’t want to waste my time and money and self worth any longer.

    Thanks for helping me and so many other people understand that it is up to each of us and we are the ones to control our destiny and the quality of our lives.


  12. Neil

    Kevin, thank you, I am only three days in but your videos are inspiring me, you deserve a knighthood, thank you once again

  13. Cathy

    Hi Kev, I’m pretty bloody proud of you for getting sober and putting so much time and energy out there into helping so many others, I love your outlook and am enjoying learning from you things I have known, but, hearing them from someone who has been there, means so much to me. I am looking forward to watching and listening to all of your videos, thanks!


    Hi Kevin,
    I watch a video every day, and it inspires me.
    I have been stop drinking 10 days now, the longest time ever in my life.
    I will never put a glass or a bottle of acholol to my lips again.
    The way I get through it is just take one day at time.

  15. Shelley

    Hey Kev, I’ve soooo got this, you’ve been an amazing inspiration, everything you say is not rocket science, it’s just your making me ‘get it’. As far as this video goes I feel like a flower slowly blossoming. Everything else in my life was sorted, I just felt that alcohol was holding me back. I have a holiday to Bali coming up, gonna be very different, lots of sunrises and yoga…. can’t wait ?

  16. Steve Marchant

    Kevin, you are an inspiration!
    From your very first email I did what I have been trying to do for 48 years. I have quit. I have used and written the book of excuses. You showed me the way. Thankyou!

  17. Phil

    Hi there,

    I came across your video on youtube. While I wouldn’t consider myself an alcoholic, I thought about living healthier and reducing the alcohol consume. Since I moved to Ireland, where drinking is socially so encouraged, my alcohol consume went up massively in comparism to before. In Germany I had a drink every 2 months or so, when I moved to Ireland, you nearly cant escape the drink, and 2, 3 nights a WEEK is absolutely normal here. :/ After being here for a few years, I noticed my memory isnt as good at it used to be, so I thought maybe to many braincells died..

    2019 is my new approach to this. As with any “drug”, a hard stop and “rehab” seems to drastic, no matter what you stop. So I was thinking about reducing it back to the 1 drink a month option, then 1 per quarter and then just maybe for the usual dates, like birthday, christmas and St. Patricks day. which would make it 3 days a year.

    What do you think, is this a logical approach?

    Kind Regards and thanks for your videos!

  18. Adam Abela

    Just seen your video for the first time. I know it’s time for me to address this.

  19. Wayne Thompson

    I really need this support


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