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Create a Wall of Inspiration

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Today I wanted to talk about a wall of inspiration, right, your own creation all depends on what you want to put up on it. And this is basically where you take photographs, images, anything that you can think of that will inspire you and motivate you and you stick it up on a wall, somewhere in your house.

Put them anywhere, where you’re going to be sort of in constant contact, you know. I mean arrange these things in whatever way you want, I don’t think it matters, you know. I think the way you arrange them is going to be the best way.

And they can be sort of images of people that you find inspirational, motivational, whether that’s past present, whether it’s fictional characters or real people. Whether it’s people from business world, or people from the art world, whatever it is. People that are in your own family, in your own circles that you find, inspiration from.

Put pictures of them up on your walls. Another thing that you can put up there are images of skills that you’d like to achieve. If you’re, if you want to do, have a career in a certain area of life, put up a picture of that – what represents that for you.

If you want to get an education in a certain area, if you want to get a skill in a certain area, then find an image that represents that and stick that up on the wall.

Another thing, could be things that you want in life, you know, material things, you know, there’s nothing wrong with material things, you know, have the house that you would like, the house of your dreams, the car of your dreams, if your single you could stick up the girl of your dreams or the boy of your dreams, whatever it is.

The whole point of this is just so that it’s there. It’s like a process of osmosis, right. Same when you’re learning a language, that you immerse yourself in a language, listen to a lot of conversation in that language, and eventually you start to pick out words, you start to deconstruct sentences and you get the meaning of things by sort of repetitively listening over and over again.

It doesn’t have to be a conscious thing, it’s all sort of a subconscious process and it’s the same with this wall, this inspirational wall right, you just, it’s there, it’s all the time in your sight and you see it as your walking by.

And these pictures and stuff, they start to get a grip on your mind and you can use them in your visualisations, you know. When you’re sitting down and you’re sort of meditating on something and think about what you want from life, you know and think about yourself in that position of getting those things.

I just thought it was a simple thing for today. Just a wall of inspiration, doesn’t have to be a massive wall, just a few pictures here and there, but something that will really charge you up and every time you see this it’s going to motivate you to keep the alcohol behind you and push yourself forward into what you want in your new life.

“Don’t call it a dream, call it a Plan”

Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!
Stay Safe
Keep the Alcohol out of your Mouth
Take Care

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