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Why Waste Time Drinking Alcohol?

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 5 comments

Sometimes it’s good to reflect on the past, the past few days, on the past year, or in the longer term. Positive reflection can be extremely beneficial in avoiding many of the mistakes you have made, avoiding future errors, and learning more about who you are as a person and what makes you tick.

Although none of us can know how long we have left on this wonderful planet, you have to understand that that time is limited.

Every day spent recovering from self-inflicted wounds is a day you cannot spend revelling in your life.

Every hour you spend getting out of your face on some drug or other, is less time you can spend exploring the depths of yourself, your mind, your soul. It’s less time you can spend with the people you love. It’s less time you can use in following your passion.

This video is a quick look at how much time we actually have and how most of us choose to spend it.

Hope you have a fantastic day on this wonderful planet of ours.

Today I want to ask the question, why waste your precious and amazing time on drinking alcohol?

The average life expectancy in the UK is popping up to about eighty years and we are by now used to hearing that our life expectancy is from seventy years to ninety years or whatever it is, they advise at the time.

If you take that life expectancy in terms of days, the average amount of days we have to live is only about 29,000 days or about 950 months. 950 Months! A frightening thought when a Month goes by as quickly as a click of the fingers.

People spend on average, about a third of their lives sleeping. So that’s three hundred and odd months of their lives – a third of their whole life – just going to bed and crashing out.

The average person, spends fifteen years in education, starting with Kindergarten until they leave school or university. If you calculate on the basis that every day is about eight hours a day, including the breaks, then about forty three months of your life are spent in education. Just pure education.

And then there’s work. So if the average person’s career starts as soon as they leave College at nineteen and ends at retirement at sixty five and they work eight hours a day, have their weekends off and a couple of weeks during the year for holidays – then the average time people spend at work during their life is about 128 months.

One of the things that we don’t realise, is that we spend a lot of time on the toilet. It’s works out as about thirteen months, just sitting or standing or whatever you’re doing at the Toilet.

Now eating is another big time suck, if you have five meals a day, so that’s three main meals and a couple of snacks, you’re going to spend about six years, which is 72 months, just eating.

If you add to that the forms of driving and types of transportation: flying and taking the train or bus, for example – together with the times you spend just browsing the internet, watching the television, going to movies or enjoying other forms of entertainment – then thats a big chunk of your life already allocated.

Everyone’s life is going to be different and everyone is going to spend their time differently. Some people don’t spend eight hours every night, sleeping. A lot of people sleep less, some people sleep more. A lot of people don’t spend that much time watching the television, other people spend more. However, if you take the 950 days that you’re initially allotted – that being the time you’ve got in the beginning to when you are eighty years old- and you take all that other stuff out of the equation, all you’ve got left is about 200 to 300 months.

So why am I telling you all this? Because if you drink alcohol, that time that you’ve got – that 200 to 300 months of your life which is the only time unallocated – is further contracted by drinking the alcohol and by the fog of alcohol.

It’s also contracts the amount of memories that you’ve got of the things you do in life – the achievements that you make in life. Those achievements are contracted. So much of your life is just vanishing before your very eyes, because you’re handicapping yourself, physically and mentally, handicapping yourself with alcohol.

Alcohol is one of the few things that can get through to your brain directly, it has a direct route to your brain and it’s one of the few things that can just diminish those years and months and days of your life. So why are you wasting your time, your amazing time on this planet, consuming alcohol?

Until next time…
Take Care of Yourself
Keep the Alcohol out of your Mouth
Onwards and Upwards!

“The trouble is you think you have time – Buddha”

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  1. Peter

    Good points Kevin. I think often about the huge amount of time I consumed dealing with the effects of alcohol. While I am not sure I would want to start over again and never use alcohol at all, it is likely my life could have been much more pleasant and productive had I not wasted so much of it stumbling, mumbling and recovering from the booze effect. Now at age 65 I have fewer of those precious months left to explore life in a natural, unaltered state. Life is just more fun for me now and I do regret the span of time I lost to alcohol use. I especially regret the time I spent dealing with the hangovers & remorseful thoughts regarding my actions the night before.

    Cheers, Peter

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Yes Peter. We all have those regrets. Can do anything about the past so, with the knowledge that we have, it’s good that we can change the present and affect the rest of our lives in a good way.

  2. Bengt Van Rosmalen

    Hi Kevin,

    Thanx for pointing out the short time we are on this spaceship called Earth.
    Three tings in life are sure; One, that you are born. Two, that you are gonna die. And three, that the time in between is yours.

    Onwards and Upwards,


  3. al

    I think it is a waste of time unless you’re getting high off it.

    All these tool guys get together with their friends and waste their

    time drinking and acting gay.

    If you have a beer or two because it makes the enviroment cooler,

    say you are by the beach and a few beers gets your high

    and you wonder off into oblivion.

    you’re the NJ tool bag who drinks a beer and then just yacks to your friend

    about how your girlfriend annoys you or how you are gonna let

    your friend swim in your pool when you buy your stupid house.

    I think beer is fun for some people but it’s kind of a waste of



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