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Not Every Day Is Going to Be A+, Keep Pushing Forwards

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 2 comments

Not every day is going to be an A+ Day. You have to keep moving forwards and moving forwards with your life. Now, what do I mean by A+ days?

If you go back to when you were a kid in School and the Teacher graded you on your work and exams with a Grade – A+, A, B, B+ etc. I always used to get D’s and E’s and possibly even F’s. I didn’t like School, I didn’t like being there and I wasn’t really interested in what the Teacher was saying to me at the time. But A+ is a good result, a good day.

At the end of the day in life, we all make mistakes, we all get up and have bad days, we all have days that are not A+ – they are F, F- or even G days. Most of the days we’re going to have are going to be between D and B, hovering around the middle line. They’re not great fantastic days, but they’re not shit days either, they’re days when we make the progress.

An A+ day is up there at the top, when you just feel like you’re at the top of your health, you feel like you’re healthy, eating well and exercising well. At the end of the day, when you’ve done whatever you’ve been doing for that day, that you’ve made some real progress.
Now one of the first things I want to say about these A+ days is, if ever day was an A+ Day, would you make any progress in your life.

Say for example, that you sat down and watched TV and that to you was an A+ day. If every day an A+ day, was where you got up, sat down, and watched TV, would you do want to do anything else in your life. Would you move outwards to try and do something new and improve yourself. I think most of the time, people wouldn’t because they are at the top of that level, they’re already getting their A+ days, so why make any change?

So, I think the fact that you have A+ days and then days which are down in the D’s C’s B’s, is what gives makes you push yourself forward towards where you want to be – to the stage where you are having more of those A+ days.

There are plenty of days when you’re going to get A+ Days and plenty of Says when you’re going to get B, C, and all the other types of Graded Days you can get.

We recently moved into a new house and as I record this now we’ve been here just a couple of weeks. Until the moving day, it was all very hectic. We received the keys a couple of weeks before our move in day, so were busy packing boxes, putting boxes into the Car and gradually moving everything across to our new home. Where I’m stood now is the Garage or what used to be the Garage. Not it is my Office and everything that we took to our new house, was just piled in here or in the main house. Everything was hectic and we didn’t really have much of a chance to think about much of anything.

On the day, we moved in, we officially received the keys and we handed our Keys back to the old Landlord. And we felt really cool. After everyone left, I couldn’t wait. The people that were there before had greeted us, handed us over the keys and told us what the House was like, you know those kind of glitches that a House has got and somebody who’d be living there for a few years would be able to tell you all about, that kind of stuff. The removal Guys who were taking all the big stuff across, finished and left.

So, we went inside put the kettle on, came back out and we had a settee sofa, laid out just underneath the Veranda? – I’m not sure what you’d call it but the area we’ve go in front of the House – and we sat there and it was so peaceful and quiet and I really felt that that was an A+ day.

It was the same the next Day, I came into the Office here and I started sorting out Stuff. I started putting up the acoustic foam I wanted to stick up on the walls, and sorting out my books onto the book shelves and getting things in order, so I had a great day then.

And then the third day, just for some reason, whatever it was, I got up and I was down. I felt down, just about the whole thing. I started worrying about the rent here, the rent is about a third more than we were paying before. The move gave us what we want in terms of – we’ve got some Orange Trees around the place and we’ve got a Swimming Pool – but it’s the peace and quiet that it gives us that is basically what I wanted. I couldn’t care or less about the other stuff, but it’s in the countryside and there’s a lot of peace and quiet, but I just started worrying. And it was sort of, it wasn’t an F day, but it was certainly down there with a D or an E that kind of thing, and you know it just goes to show, because the next day I got up and I was fine again.

It goes to show that not every day is going to be up there, at the top. Now the same thing is going to happen if you’re going through habit change. Let’s say you’re trying to quit drinking or smoking or losing weight. You’ve got a lot of determination, you’ve built yourself up to it and spent time getting yourself prepared.

You get to your first day and you’re really raring to go. You say – ‘No I no longer want this, I don’t want that, I’m having this and that’s it!’ You’re really shooting with a narrow focus, that’s it and then day two comes, maybe the same and then day three comes and maybe you start thinking about things a bit more. You start worrying that maybe you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, maybe it’s not such a good idea after all and you start to question things.

The same thing will happen with things like cravings or sleeping. You get to Day One you may not feel any cravings, Day Two, no cravings and then all of a sudden, Day Three and you start feeling cravings and you think – ‘well what the hell is this, I’m not supposed to be feeling cravings on Day Three!’ Day One you might sleep well; Day Two you might not sleep well – but this is going to be a pattern over the course of your new journey. For the first month or two months at least.

Say you’ve got a graph and up here are the good days and down here are the bad days. And one day you’ll have a good day and it’s up here and the next day, it’s down like this and the next day up and down. You’ll have all these little up and down days but when you look at it overall after a month or after two months, you’ll notice that the bad days are in decline. That the days when you’re having cravings are in decline. The days when you’re losing sleep are in decline. Even though the pattern might go up and down, it’s in a downward slope.

So one of the best things you can do is just to use your mind and use your thinking and just think yourself through the bad days, when you’re not having those A+ days, when you’re not feeling at the top, and just say to yourself – ‘ I didn’t have good sleep last night but I did have a good sleep the night before last or: I’m likely to have a good sleep tonight’ and think about the days, before you stopped drinking and actually how many good days sleep you actually had then. You might have knocked yourself out and got comatosed with the alcohol, but you were never getting good sleep, alcohol prevents that, so it’s physically impossible for you to have a good sleep whilst you’re drinking a lot of alcohol and while there’s alcohol flowing through your system.

For a start the alcohol does shit inside you which prevents you from going into the deep sleep that’s necessary. Also, your body is on clean up mode and is trying to get rid of the alcohol in your system. Is trying to metabolise all this alcohol from your system and to try and get rid of it while you’re asleep and your body shouldn’t be doing that. Your body should be relaxing, your mind should be relaxing and you should be getting the restfulness that you need for the next day, to get up the next day and feel like this is an A+ day and to keep pushing yourself forwards.

I hope that made sense and that you got something out of this Video. If you want to get regularly daily Videos into your Email Inbox, then come on over to the website and you’ll see a subscription form in the sidebar, you just give me your email address, it’s absolutely free and we’ll send you daily emails and a quick note about whatever it is that day that we’re talking about. Some inspirational stuff or motivational stuff, trying to get you and keep you moving forwards.

Until next time…
Take Care
Onwards and Upwards!

“Sometimes you need those bad days, because it makes you truly appreciate and strive for those good ones”

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  1. Peter

    Really good points Kevin. Especially the fact that your body needs to do battle with alcohol every time you ingest it. I can remember some hangovers where my poor body was ravaged by the effects of the alcohol poisoning and because the numbing effect of the booze had wore off, I suffered severe physical and mental pain. My body was screaming “stop poisoning me!” and I turned a deaf ear. In many (most) cases I simply started drinking again to stop my suffering. Never ending cycle.

    Yes, all days are different and alcohol can provide an easy escape route for someone experiencing a bad spell. Yet the issue(s) that caused the negative feelings do not go away when you mask them with alcohol. They will still be there when you get sober and you will feel worse and be less capable of solving them because of the alcohol poisoning.

    • Kevin O'Hara

      I completely agree Peter. There are so many better ways of dealing with bad times than drinking alcohol. It takes a while to find these things in your life, but it’s well worth it. You get a better life, and you deal with your problems in a much more rational and healthy way.


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