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What Are You A Slave To Now and After Alcohol Cessation? How to Stop!

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 1 comment

You wouldn’t be watching this video if you didn’t think that you were a slave to alcohol, but what else are you a slave to?

Today, I want to talk about being a slave to whatever it is in your life.

Once you’re a slave to something, it’s another form of victim mentality, victim mind-set.

We’re all – anyone who has taken any drug whether it’s alcohol, cocaine, sugar, salt, any drug in your life, as long as you’re relying on something from the outside to give you something on the inside, then you’re a slave to that thing.

And this goes with so many different areas of your life.

You can be a slave to your thinking, your beliefs, people around you, drugs.

These are all things that are going to restrict your life and the person you want to be.

I’m all for self-actualization, which is trying to be the best person that you can possibly be.

We’ve all got limits to ourselves, but those limits are never as limited as we think they are.

We impose so many of the limits to ourselves by the way that we think, our beliefs, the systems that we use to think, by the outside systems that we let encroach on our own lives and imprison us.

That’s my message today.

Think about the things in your life that are holding you to slavery.

One of the caveats of that is, alcohol.

Alcohol and cigarettes are big.

It’s as bad as taking heroin.

When you’re smoking, it’s a constant thing.

You don’t even think about it anymore.

You just take out the cigarette.

It’s only when you don’t have it that you start to think about it, it’s the same with alcohol.

We’ve all been through that.

I was always terrified of it when I was drinking, running out of alcohol when I really wanted to drink.

It’s only when you get the thing taken from you that you realise how much you were dependent on it.

But the point is, your addiction, your slavery to this is overshadowing your slavery to other things.

Because it’s such a big element, you can’t think about the other things.

But when you do stop drinking and get yourself out of the mental and physical slavery that alcohol is, then you see the other things.

It’s the time to start looking at the other things in your life, the other little addictions.

All addictions are slavery.

There are certain things that we need in this life.

Lock a person in a room and suck out all the air, you’ll see how much air means to you.

You need air, food, sex, companionship.

There are certain things that we need as human beings.

There are certain things that we don’t need.

A neighbour of mine just bought a BMW.

He’d been talking about this fucking BMW and going on about it.

He finally got the BMW, he’s only got it for 3 months now and he’s used to it now.

It’s a statist thing for him.

He’s the first one to go out and pay a couple hundred euros on a watch and show it to you.

He’s not talking about the functions of the watch, he’s talking about the name.

The only name I know in the watch world is Rolex or Swiss watches and stuff.

He talks about names, it’s like someone who goes out and talks about a Gucci handbag or Jimmy Choo shoes and they pay over the odds because they like the label.

They want to be perceived in a different way because of the labels.

The label doesn’t make anyone perceive you in a different way, it doesn’t make you any better.

It’s another form of slavery, this form of buying stuff for the sake of having this thing.

This guy doesn’t care about the BMW anymore, all he cares about is buying something new.

I used to love my Land rovers, and I know it’s a certain form of thing.

I liked my Land rover because I was able to take it apart and put it back together again.

There was a certain feeling that I had with it.

There’s an element to it there, and I understand it.

But it’s another form of slavery.

This is one of the rambliest videos, so all I’m saying is that

when you do stop drinking, start to think about other areas of your life where you can make the changes.

Try and look for the other parts that are holding you hostage, that are keeping you from being the best person that you can be.

Anyway, if you have a comment or any suggestion, leave it down below.

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Stay safe, keep the alcohol out of your mouth and stay away from any form of mental slavery.


Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!

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1 Comment

  1. Alan

    Greetings Kevin,
    Thanks for this video as it was right on the mark for me at the moment. After two months of no alcohol, I have noticed an increased desire for ‘sweet things’ and wasting time on internet games. In dealing with these other addictions, I presume it is a similar approach of identifying the issue/s, substituting a different activity to fill the gap and being aware and consistent. Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated. Continued thanks for all you do. Cheers, Alan.


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