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Removing Alcohol From Your Life Changes Your Whole Life

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 10 comments

Today’s topic is that about how getting rid of alcohol from your life is going to change so many different things, about who you are as a person and your life in general.

A lot of people want to quit drinking alcohol because the hangovers are getting worse and they are getting too hard to handle. But there is something much more insidious that alcohol does, apart from all the other physical components put together – all the liver disease, kidney disease, threats of Cancer and all that kind of stuff. And this insidious thing is that – alcohol gets into your brain.

Alcohol is one of the few things that can pass through the blood brain barrier, who’s purpose is to protect your brain against foreign infections. Think about the blood brain barrier as the sack that a baby is wrapped in, in the womb, that is roughly similar to what the blood brain barrier does to your brain. It stops a lot of shit coming through and infecting your thoughts and making shit out of what’s going on up there.

I’m a big fan of Star Trek, Captain Kirk and the Enterprise. If you look of your brain as being the Bridge of the Starship Enterprise, the Motherboard then your brain is what keeps everything going. Your brain is infected by alcohol, not just when you are drinking and the alcohol is passing through the blood brain barrier, swarming through your brain and making you drunk. It also effects your brain after you have drunk alcohol and possibly for quite a lot of time after that.

Alcohol can only be detected in your body up to a certain time, something like 72 hours and after that it can’t be detected, but the effects could still be happening inside your brain. There are very delicate balances between brain chemicals that are happening in your brain, and your brain chemicals and neurons firing off, are what gives you your thoughts, your feelings, your actions and everything.

Just think about all the things that you cannot do as well as you should be able to do because of this deliberate brain retardation. It is very deliberate, it’s something that you are doing to yourself, by putting the stuff into your mouth, deliberately. You might not know this is happening, but it is.

Every drop of alcohol that you put into your mouth has got short term consequences as well as long term consequences. Long term consequences are going on beneath the surface, they are sub conscious and you don’t even know they are happening. Long term brain damage doesn’t happen overnight. Long term liver damage doesn’t happen overnight. Cirrhosis of the liver happens over years, years and years. It’s a gradual process and you don’t know that you have cirrhosis until you start getting certain symptoms and that’s normally when the damage has already been done.

I’m not saying it’s ever too late to get damage fixed or to reverse the damage but by that stage damage has been done. I always say if you had to wear your liver on the outside of your body, you’d probably do something about it a lot sooner because you would see the deterioration, you could look at a chart and go ‘Well that’s how my liver is supposed to look and that’s how is does look and Jesus Christ! I’m going to do something about that.’

And it’s the same with your brain, when alcohol gets into your brain, it affects your thoughts, it affects your short term thoughts and your long terms thoughts and since your thoughts are the basis of everything that you do, can you see that this is having a massive impact on your life? Whatever you try to do with your life, you are hampered by a self inflicted retardation – a self inflicted handicap. Take the handicap away and what do you get? You free your brain up, you free all those thoughts, you free the natural power of those grey cells which just churn over for your benefit.

The whole instinct of the brain is to keep you alive, to keep you moving forward, to keep you being the best version of yourself that you can possibly be, even if it’s only to make you more attractive to your mate. I don’t know what, I haven’t read enough into that.

People use the excuse that at the end of the day they want to relax, so they have a drink of alcohol to relax. They’ve got a busy day tomorrow and the day after, they have a lot of stuff to do and need to relax today. Imagine how much better you would be if you didn’t take a poison when you wanted to relax.

Drinking alcohol to relax, sleep or to problem solve or to do any of those things, is like a Guy who is just about to run a marathon, puts his trainers on, puts his t-shirt on, straps his number to his back and then straps big weights around his legs – mental, physical retardation.

So, that’s it for today. If you have any questions at all or comments leave them down below. If you like this video give us a quick thumbs up, go over to the website and sign up for the newsletter and take off those weights around your legs, stop doing this to yourself, free up your mind to do the things that you want to do, to follow your passion and get on with it. It’s a great life.

Don’t be handicapping yourself, giving yourself retardation of the brain, don’t be retarding yourself in any shape or form in your life, keep pushing yourself forward and get this alcohol out of your system now. Get it out of your system. Stop doing this to yourself. Take Care.

“Your life does not get better by chance, it get’s better by change”

Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. Wayne Dougan

    Never a true’er word spoken I quit on the 10th June 2016 of moderate to heavy drinking and the way I feel is awesomely brilliant.I’ve had 2 mishaps from I quit basically my own fault for being stupid when hart and body said no but mind said you’ll be fine. Everything seems so clear and level I’ve always been pretty laid back but now it’s unbelievable how laid back I’ve become some friends have mentioned how easy going I’ve become and the answer I give them is I’ve quit the drink and life is good then the whole conversation starts where I drop it in about alcohol mastery.
    Keep up the good work Regards Wayne Dougan

  2. Pauline

    Thank you Kevin for being so persistent. I really like the push to not be stupid in alcohol. And the weights around your legs is a true analogy. Thank you

  3. Brian M Gillis

    Kevin the tools you have given me have changed my life….. I hope you know what a blessing you are!!!!!!

    • Tricia

      Same thoughts, Brian…………life saver, is Kevin, an absoloute Guardian Angel, no doubt about it……..saved myself, hopefully couple people I know, and most of all, am now able to have a life with my adult kids……….unbelievable the change this man has had on my thinking about just everything…….

  4. David Jordan

    Thank you so much Kevin! Today is two weeks I feel great!you have given me the tools to make a day to day desion not to drink to be perfectly honest it is easyer than I thought it would be I drank a six pack every day and 30+ beers on weekend you saved my life!!

  5. Barry

    Great mail Kevin. I look forward to your thoughts every day.
    My brain has recovered terrifically and I now enjoy life so much more. I realise what a weak fool I have been making alcohol my main hobby in life.
    I have liver damage which I have to try to manage the best I can with help from docs and family.
    If I had not stopped completely 2 years back I’m sure I would be dead having wrecked the lives and the hopes of all around me.
    Thank God for getting me out of that hole. My life may have been shortened but I will make the very best of what remains. I am much more in control now and can thing round challenges and setbacks like never before. Every day remains a battle as the alcohol habit was so ingrained and there are temptations everywhere.
    Keep up the good work it is very important. The collateral damage of alcohol is disgusting – this continuing tragic disaster must stop.

    Take care Kevin – you understand – thanks


  6. Maggie

    I look forward to receiving these emails everyday.

  7. Donna

    Thank you so much for the help your videos bring to my life. My last drink was Wednesday but I now know that t all I have to do is not put that poison in in my mouth. The time of day that I want a drink is so established I did not know that it was only habit. Like I don’t think of alcohol during the day at all but as soon as my car leaves work that is my only thought. I have given into that thought for 20 years. Now before leaving work as the thoughts in my head tell me to go to the bottle shop I put on your video and as soon as I hear your voice I can breathe and drive home. Like the urge is actually only fleeting. Also I love that now that I don’t put alcohol in my mouth I am a non drinker. Do you have any idea how freeing those words you spoke are to someone like me. Like I don’t have to go to AA everyday and say I am an alcoholic. I know this is early days but I will keep on listening.

  8. Chris

    Hi Kevin, First of all I want to say how straitforward you are and I have definetly gotten more insights. I have been drinking/drugging for over 50 years, mostly drinking…every day. Been diagnosed with pancreatitus and have had all sorts of personal conflicts. I realize what a powerful and addictive drug alcohol really is, drink and you will die and yet I continue. I was severely abused as a child and really can trace my drinking career back to these events. I still get flashbacks of these terrible situations. Like why is this priest performing oral sex on a 12 year old and threatning death if I “told” My marriage is finished, my kids won’t talk to me and everyone has rejected me. I tried the “treatment center” models and was drinking in days. I want to have a peaceful end to my life and be ok with myself, thank you for listening and your doing a great job and service to those in need.


  9. james wix



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