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Keep Learning – Motivational Video

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Learning has always been one of my passions. I love to read, I love to learn new things, and I really love to think that I am growing as a person all the time.

When I was drinking, as with everything else in my life, I felt like I was taking one step forwards and two steps backwards. When I learned something new, there was something happening in my brain which stopped me from assimilating that knowledge fully. Well, I know exactly what was happening, it was the alcohol happening. Since the alcohol has gone, that problem has also gone.

The whole point of Alcohol Mastery is to show people that there is a better life without drinking this poison. Alcohol is completely against the principles of learning, trying to be the best person that you can be. It’s against it because it’s a self inflicted handicap.

I have to ask myself how I considered myself to be an intelligent person while I was drinking this toxin, smoking cigarettes, treating my body like a dustbin!

I hope you enjoy the video.

Today’s topic is from a personal perspective. Life without learning is death. That is from a quote which I’ll read out to you later on. It basically gets me thinking about what quitting drinking is all about. To me, it’s not about quitting drinking, it’s not about not drinking any more, it’s not about getting the alcohol out of your life – it’s about giving yourself the best opportunities, giving yourself the best chance in life to achieve the goals that you want to achieve.

To me, alcohol or any drug is completely against that principle. It’s an obstacle that you put in your own way, that stops you from achieving what you want to at the best of your ability. Even if you haven’t got a so called problem with alcohol, for me, somebody who’s putting alcohol – a toxin – into their body, has got a problem, period. We just don’t know it, we don’t see it that way, because society brain washes us into believing that this is something good that we are doing for ourselves. This is something normal that we’re doing, that the effects of the drug that we’re feeling is exciting and it’s beneficial. But it’s not, it is killing you, slowly but surely, killing you.

When I talk about life after alcohol and what you do after alcohol, I’m talking about making the most of the skills that you already possess and more importantly learning new skills or learning how to use your old skills in better ways.

When we drink alcohol it’s not about the alcohol, the alcohol is always the tool which gives us a feeling and we like the feeling, so, the feeling could be the drunkenness, it could be the feeling of just being out of it, it could be feeling of relaxation, it could be the feeling of getting yourself drowsy enough to go to sleep, or the feeling of forgetting about problems and so on and so forth. And in that same way, you could swap the alcohol out of the situation and include any other drug that gives you a similar effect to what you’re looking for.

Obviously if you’re looking for relaxation, you’re not to go taking Cocaine or Speed, you’re going to go for Heroin or whatever, Valium, whatever, there’s so many drugs out there that you have a choice. So, something that is going to bring you down. Sleeping Pills to go to sleep for instance.

So, you really have to learn how to relax, how to sleep, how to get high, how to feel high without using a drug and there are plenty of ways of doing that. The world is full of opportunities and once alcohol is a memory, once it is out of your life, you’ve got to keep learning and keep pushing yourself forwards and learning new things and new skills, new ways of doing things, otherwise you’ll get bored and it will be very easy to slip back into your old ways.

The habits that you accumulate throughout your life, never really disappear, they are always there just below the surface, they diminish over time, the more time you put between yourself and the habit the more time goes in between you not drinking and the less that habit is going to be, so the less strength the habit is going to have over all. In my way of thinking one of the only ways to stop alcohol from remerging is just to keep learning and then change is going to happen anyway.

You have to be the Captain of your own destiny and you have to decide where that learning is going to go, what you’re going to learn, how you’re going to learn and how long you’re going to learn for. You decide whether something you learn is good for you or bad for you, If it’s bad for you, get rid of it, stop doing it.

Confucius said learning without thought is a labour lost and thought without learning is perilous. And Cicero was the Guy that said that life without learning is death, or words to that effect. I just love learning. I think if I get up every day and I learn something from that day, either about myself, my life or about my business or about alcohol or about whatever, if I learn something and I learn how to do something new and something better, I think that’s a day well spent. It pisses me off when I don’t learn something.

It’s all about growing in yourself, growing in your self confidence, growing in your knowledge about not only the world around you but yourself. To learn about yourself is the most important learning that you can do, of what makes you tick, what makes you who you are as a person, as an individual as a Husband or a Wife, Brother and Sister, Mother, Father, I think that’s one of the most important things. I think if you can stick to that, fuck everything else, just learn about yourself and you’re doing a good thing, it’s a life well spent. But learning in general just the bee knees.

That’s it for today. If you have any questions at all leave them down below, any comments, come over to the website and sign up for the Alcohol Mastery Newsletter. There is a free daily video of inspiration on how to do certain things, quitting drinking alcohol, cravings, symptoms, side effects, all that kind of stuff and mostly how to tips, techniques to direct your life afterwards.

I hope you have a good day. Take Care of Yourself.

‘Learning is an experience, anything else is just information’

Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. Geraldine

    Another great video Kevin. Alcohol consumption stunts our growth in learning.


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