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If You Don’t Force Your Own Change, Change Will Force Its Way on You

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 3 comments

My father used to say the only place that excludes progress is the cemetery. I was reading a book about recent British history and I came across a quote by one of Britain’s former Prime Minister’s, Harold Wilson. He said, “He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery”.

Harold Wilson was born in a place called Huddersfield, a few miles from one of the places I grew up as a child, Halifax in West Yorkshire. So I don’t know if that quote is just a common phrase in that particular area or if my father heard Harold Wilson saying it. Either way, reading the quote reminded me of my dad, and got me thinking about change.

A lot of change is thought about in January… It’s the time when people get it into their heads that they would like to change… New Year’s resolutions and all that. However, change is happening all the time.
The question is: are you going to take control of your own change, or are you going to allow change to take control over you?

Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!

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    Great video on change,still a work in progress with me.Aussie culture is so boozed based.I just realized if you need something it will control you,money ,love, booze.If you don,t need anything you can,t be controlled,but that,s not what Government wants is it.Even health industry if you need it they control you ,its all about consuming and keeping the shit glacier moving.Cheers

  2. Mick

    Buddha taught that all things are temporary and that all suffering is caused by trying to make theses temporary things permanent.

    On the subject of change and being stuck in a rut, it may be the rut is so comfortable we don’t have enough motivation to climb out of it. Or maybe we have been in it so long we don’t think we can get out of it. The human mind can adapt to almost anything, but all too often we only adapt to forced change. Not totally sure why this is, but I do think if you stop drinking alcohol your energy and time available to you increase significantly enough for us to start choosing changes for your self.

    Quitting alcohol is a funny change process and your mind eventually adapts to this. I went from really thinking alcohol was the best buzz, to thinking it was a toxic poison (which it is). To now seeing it as nothing, its just a chemical I have no use for. But unfortunately if you are a heavy drinker it will make it very difficult to choose and make changes of any significance. This is probably due to the false sense of temporary rest bite from situations. If your a heavy drinker why not just commit to one year of no alcohol and see what life has to offer the sober you.

    Great video as usual Kevin

  3. Ryan

    Like Bruce Lee said,”Water can can flow and it can crash…be water”.I say if water sits it starts to gather bacteria and stink.Alot like me before i put the alcohol down lol.24 days now have passed and already I want to do so much more and move into more challenging actions and projects.All of a sudden tomorrow isnt so dreadful to face but its the polar opposite.A new day with new possibilities that I control.Whereas before I was at the mercy of my hangover,nerves,appearance,laziness…big list of undeserved reasons.
    Anyways,Thanks Kevin!


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