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Giving Up Alcohol – Thinking About the Long Term – Pure Joy | SDA17

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Thinking About The Long Term

Most people think about things that are happening to them right now. In some respect, that’s a good thing. Now is the only time where things can be “done”. But short-sighted thinking keeps them from improving.

This is especially true when it comes to quitting drinking.

People who think in the short-term don’t see the consequences of drinking heavily. They don’t see the slow poisoning of their internal organs. They don’t see the brutal death of their brain cells. They don’t see the misery that could be caused in the future to their wives and children, to their mothers and fathers, to their brothers and sisters when they have to deal with a hopelessly addicted alcoholic.

Nobody can help that hopelessly addicted alcoholic to see sense. They’ve gone too far… they have given up!
The person who can be helped is the person who can see beyond today’s drink. That person has got to open up their eyes and see the consequences of each drink that they take.
It’s not all doom and gloom!
You should imagine what it will be like without alcohol in your life. See yourself happy; picture it in your mind.
You need to imagine how it feels, how good it feels to fall asleep every night without a drink, to sleep a full and restful sleep, and to wake up every morning without a hangover.
You need to hear the happiness in the voices of those who are closest to you, happy that they can see the positive changes in you.
Take 15 minutes every day to think about your future. Think about the decisions that you’ve made in the last couple of days and how they’re going to impact your future. Look at each decision in terms of short and long term…

Ask yourself: “Am I thinking of only today or how this decision will affect me down the line?
Is this decision gonna hurt me or will it make my life better… ?”

Make a commitment to yourself to do this every day for a week.
At the end of the week, reassess your decisions. Ask yourself if you’re looking past tomorrow.

Onwards and Upwards!

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