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Do You Still Mix With People Who Drink Alcohol?

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 4 comments

Do You Still Mix With People Who Drink Alcohol?

This is a question that was asked in the comments section on YouTube. Do I ever mix with people who still drink alcohol.


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  1. Peter

    Nice job Kevin. Really simple and commonsense approach to dealing with the reality that alcohol use in our western culture is totally ubiquitous. I certainly have less social interaction with my old drinking crowd, but I still socialize with most of them on occasions. And I have also started to socialize more with non-drinkers and light drinkers. In reality, my social group has actually expanded rather than contracted due to my not drinking. I am now being exposed to new ideas and perspectives that I otherwise would have never experienced when I only socialized with my drinking buddies. That has been a good thing for me and I feel as though my life is much richer and interesting now.

    Cheers, Peter

  2. Stephen Perry

    Hi Kevin,
    I am still going strong since end of December last! Easier this time as I have stopped working and am beginning to relax some more after so many years of stress. I am a little concerned about the way that I am becoming quite reclusive these days and my wife and I only have contact with a very few close family members. I do feel that this retreat from society might develop into a problem further down the road but I am ok with it as long as it keeps me off the alcohol. I now take anti-depressants and regularly need to take sleeping pills in order to get a nights sleep without nightmares. Somewhat in limbo just now and waiting for something to happen or a way forward to reveal itself. I am reading Jordan B Peterson’s new book ’12 Rules for Life’ and am getting some revelations about the effects of the socialist ideology and social engineering that have influenced my development, particularly during my formative years during the 60’s and 70’s. I am still taking exercise and eating well and I have lost most of the old beer belly that I have been carrying for the last 30 years. I always look forward to your next video and thank you for all of your support. Keep well and Onwards and Upwards! Stephen P

  3. Ed

    At every social gathering the first thing you will be asked is what do you want to drink. Often I will bring my own NA beer or sparkling water or apple juice to make sure I have a non-alcoholic prop to carry around. At dinners out I ask the server for something without alcohol. All my friends now know I do not drink and it has not been an issue with them. The other day at dinner, my brother in law paid me a complement on my (4 years) not drinking, in that there is no judgement attached on my part concerning others social drinking. Just like I do not shoot herion, snort cocain, smoke pot and cigarettes, I choose not to drink. You can do whatever you want. It has not impact on me whatsoever.

    I do have to say though I have about a three hour limit at parties now. It seems that after about three hours people reach another level of intoxication where slurred words and circular thinking takes over. Boring. I thank the host for a wonderful time and take my leave. I had fun socializing and wakeup the next day without a hangover. Best of both worlds.


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