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Who Are You Blaming for Your Alcohol Problems?

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Who are you blaming for your alcohol problems? We’ve all got things that we blame things on, whether that is on a consistent basis or for individual things.

It’s one of the easiest things to blame other people or your environment or your talents for where you find yourself today.

A much more productive thing would be to examine how much faith you have in your own ability to respond.

It’s in your responsibility, that 100% responsibility that you know you need, and by looking at your past mistakes. This is where you will find all the answers as to why you are where you are today.

As soon as you start to blame anything outside yourself, you give up so much of your own power, you start to shrink back into yourself, not growing, receding.

Stop playing the victim to the circumstances that you created.

Examples of things people blame things on:


Following their Parents example; our Parents drank, so we drink.   Our Parents drank a lot, so we drink a lot.

Education. They are not educated enough, they are too educated or they haven’t got the right type of education.

Anxiety or stress:

Some people will say “I can’t relax without alcohol.”

Others may say  “I can’t sleep without alcohol.”

Some people will say “I’ve got too many problems in my life and I need alcohol to shut down and to shut out.”

Not having a job.

Not having a good job.

Life partners, their Brothers and Sisters maybe, their friends. Saying that they are in a circle of people that drink.

Some people will say that can’t socialise without drinking alcohol.

Not having a social life.

The weather.

“It’s shitty weather, I’m living in a shitty country with shitty weather all the time, so what else is there to do but go out and drink.”

“I live in a country where the weather is really good and people are outside all the time and one of the things I like to do is sit outside of a Cafe and watch life go by and that’s where I do a lot of my drinking.”

When it all boils down to it, none of these things cause you to drink. None of these are the reason why you drink.

People blame alcohol and say it’s the demon drink. Alcohol by itself can not cause you to do anything. It can not cause you to lift that glass to your mouth. It can not cause you to go down to the shop and buy it. It can’t cause you to go down to the pub and buy it.

When you drink alcohol your body reacts to the alcohol, the same way your body will react to any other drug that you put into your body. Your body reacts to anything that you put into your mouth and that goes down your throat. Your body reacts a certain way to air, to food and the type of food you eat.

The type of food that you eat defines who you are. “You are what you eat” You’ve heard that saying and it’s the same thing with alcohol. It’s the same thing as taking a drug. Your body is going to react to anything that goes into your body. The blame can not lie with the substance that you are putting into your body, it’s the result of your body’s reaction to that substance.

The alcohol doesn’t cause any problems in your life. You are responsible for causing the problems by putting the alcohol into your system.

No matter what it is in your life or what you want to change in your life, you’ve got to be 100% responsible and committed. it is not possible to be 100% committed if you are not 100% responsible.

If you say to yourself, ” I am 100% committed to quitting drink, but it is not all my fault”  then you are not 100% committed. You will always find that you are looking for an excuse and you will find that excuse to stop and deviate from the path you know you should be taking.

You can’t be 99% committed to quitting drinking alcohol. You have to be 100% committed. Think about it in terms of doing a bungee jump or an plane dive. You have to be 100% committed to them, you can not be 99% committed because you won’t do it. That 1%, whatever that may be, the fear for example, will stop you from doing it. Once you lean over and you feel yourself falling that is 100% commitment to that bungee jump or plane dive.

It is the same type of principle as quitting drinking alcohol. You have to be 100% committed and you have to put yourself in that position where you are not going to drink alcohol again. I mean this in the sense that you say to yourself, “I am not going to drink alcohol again no matter what. No matter what discomfort I have, no matter what anyone says to me, no matter what happens in my life, that is not an option for me any more. I am closing the door to that.”  That is 100% commitment, that is pushing yourself out of the plane.

When you are not 100% committed and you are blaming somebody else or something else; the environment, the people in your life, situations, context, your upbringing, finances – whatever your excuse is, it is only an excuse.

It is a product of fear and understanding where you are. ” This is how I deal with myself.”  ” This is how I deal with whatever I have in my life.” ” This is how I live my life and I know in order to stop doing that, I have got to feel uncomfortable. but not only that, I have a fear of the unknown. I don’t know what is going to happen. I don’t know what people are going to say to me, I don’t know how my life is going to turn out, I don’t know how this or that is going to happen. That is a product of fear and that is a thing of blame.

People have no rational excuse not to quit, because everyone knows that quitting is the right thing to do.

It is very easy to get into drinking when you are younger, because it is just the nature of the beast. Years ago, millions of years ago when we were evolving, we developed fears. All our fears had big teeth, loud roars and would rip you apart and eat you for lunch. That is what we feared.

These days we don’t have that type of fear. We have an insidious sneaky predator that is after us, that is not trying to to kill us, but is trying to do the same sort of thing. It’s trying to get their free lunch and that predator is the alcohol and food companies that are forcing us to buy with their propaganda.

Everything is put to us that this is lovely eat, that is good to it, that’s the best thing to eat, this is healthy, that is healthy, this is luxurious, drinking is cool, drinking is sexy, drinking puts you in with the cool crowd. All that type of stuff is propaganda and all part of predatory tactics used by big food, alcohol and cigarette companies.

Cigarette companies are now dying away in the West, it is a downward spiral of a business, because it is not seen as cool anymore. They are not allowed to advertise anymore, to make it cool any more, so when you can’t put that coolness factor in front of people and they see the reality, it soon dies away.

If you have seen the original version of Wizard of Oz, they had a big expectation of who the mighty Wizard was and at the end of it all it took was a little dog to pull back the curtain to see a pathetic fellow who was operating a lot of levers.

That is what it is all about. It’s about pulling back that curtain in your own life and seeing alcohol for what it really is. Seeing too much fat, too much sugar and too much salt for what it is. These are the things that are killing people.

They say 90% of people in hospital are there because of their lifestyle choices. I have listened to Doctors who say the cure for cancer is already here for most forms of cancer and that’s in the diet that we choice.

People don’t want that kind of cure. They want the type of cure that can do something for them instantly. They want a miraculous drug that means that they can carry on with the lifestyle that they are living and take a pill and everything will be better again; they can carry on doing what they were doing.

All blame and excuses are derived from fear, a fear of the unknown, whatever it may be. When you take the b out of blame, you get lame, and that is basically what it makes you feel.

When you blame something else it takes away your power and your ability to do something yourself, because you always have this thing to turn back on. You can always say “Well it’s not my fault, it’s somebody else’s fault,”  “It’s something that has happened before me”  ” It’s something that is going to happen in the future that I have no control off.”  

When you take away that control from yourself you are basically laming yourself, you are giving yourself a handicap and at the end of the day in order to change your life, in order to live the best life possible, you’ve got to take as much power into yourself as you possibly can.

You’ve got to take as much control back into yourself as you possible can and that means taking 100% responsibility first and then giving 100% commitment to any changes that you need to make.

You might find down the road that the changes that you are trying to make are the wrong changes and you may no longer want to go in that direction. You might decide that it was the wrong thing to do and try something else instead.

Being 100% committed does not mean that you can’t change your mind. As long as you are changing your mind in a positive way and you are not backtracking and going back to the old behaviours just for the sake of it or because you don’t want to work hard, put up with the discomfort or take 100% responsibility. That is where it becomes lame and where you became lame.

I am talking about lame in the sense of an animal in the wild with an injury. If an animal hurts its leg in the wild it becomes a victim of its surroundings or its predator and that is the same thing that will happen if you give yourself this lameness.

You became a victim of the predatory nature of the massive companies around you who don’t give a fuck about you. All they want is your money. They don’t care if you die in horrendous pain, they don’t care if you ruin your life or your family’s. They don’t care. All they care about is getting your money.

The idea of this video is to try to get you to think about your blame patterns. What or who are you blaming for your problems and how can you stop doing that because every time you blame something, every time you blame anyone you are basically giving yourself a handicap in life, you are adding to your problems instead of taking away from them.

If you want to come on over to https://www.alcoholmastery.com and sign up for the starter pack, please do. It is absolutely free, it includes a few different videos and books that will help you kick start your journey off and will hopefully help you change your frame of mind and attitude towards alcohol, towards changing, towards thinking that you are a person who can change and to help give you that 100% commitment and to take 100% responsibility.

  • Stop blaming anything outside of yourself and take 100% responsibility for yourself.
  • Commit 100% to quitting drinking alcohol and then there will be no turning back for you.
  • Once you get to that stage where you can do that, where you say to yourself no matter what is happening in my life I will never, drink a drink again, then you are on the right track and will always stay there.

“Commitment; Either you do or you don’t – there is no in-between”

Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!


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