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When The Alcohol Door Closes 1 Million Opportunity Doors Open

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“When one door closes, another door opens. But we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.” – Alexander Graham Bell
Often in life we tend to see a “closed door” as nothing more than an obstacle that we have to get through. However, just as often, when we miss out on one opportunity, another is waiting just around the corner. Where are the opportunities behind quitting drinking alcohol? Some of them are obvious… Health, wealth, and so on… what about doors closing to you? Opportunities that you feel you have lost? But, often people have the tendency to focus on the door that has just closed behind them… the old behaviour and all that that was a part of that old behaviour… Where should you put your focus?

When one door closes another door opens.

When you close the alcohol door a million other doors open for you.

“When one door closes, another door opens, but we look so often, so long and so regrettably upon the closed door that we do not see the ones which open for us” – Alexander Graham Bell

Most of the time in life we look at when the door closes as a chance gone by or as an obstacle in our way, but more often than not when a door closes in front of you it opens up a lot of different opportunities.

If you spend your time staring at the door and wishing that the door would open again or that you’ve left something behind you, you are risking losing out on all the other opportunities that have gone by you. You are missing out on all the other opportunities that you could possibly have.

When contemplating quitting alcohol most of us see stopping drinking alcohol as a loss, as something that will be missing from their lives. It’s like an old friend that’s died, it’s something that they have to mourn and this is one of the reasons why they don’t step across the line and stop drinking or they quit but don’t stick it out.

It’s bullshit. We are programmed into thinking like that because we’ve been taken in by all the propaganda since the day we were born into thinking that alcohol has got some beneficial presence to our lives, that it offers us something of value and all it really offers is intoxication, sickness, and finally an early death.

The way you should be look at this is, when you slam that door closed you should lock that door, take the key and tie it to a brick, take the brick out into the sea as far out as you can go and throw that brick out so that you can never open that door again.

Then look around at all the other opportunities that are available to you because that’s what most people don’t see. If you focus on one thing, the alcohol, and how much you are missing the alcohol, then you truly are missing so many other things, so many opportunities and advantages in your life.

Sometimes opportunities just come and are presented to you because you are trying different things, moving on and trying alternatives in life. If all you are doing is drinking alcohol the more you drink alcohol the more focused you will be on the alcohol, the more alcohol will become a focus in your life. You will find that and I am sure you have found this out already.

I started out drinking alcohol as a means of growing up, I wanted to look older, I wanted to feel older and then I realised, because I was shy as a young man, teenager, that when I drank it would take away some of that shyness. It would make me say things that I wouldn’t otherwise say if I wasn’t drinking.

Then I realised that alcohol helped me to relax, socialise and sleep and that it also helped me to forget about things and just so many different parts of my life were taken up with alcohol.

Imagine going to a party without alcohol, we just think about that and we think it just doesn’t sound right. It sounds like a contradiction in terms, a party without alcohol doesn’t sound like a party at all, but it is just the way we think about it.

What you have to do is look and wait and seek the opportunities and wait until they appear to you.

I just watched a movie called The Founder, it’s about Ray Kroc the Guy who, didn’t found McDonalds, but the Guy who took McDonalds from being the small local restaurant up into being the massive company that is now and the way he did that was my transforming the company which was making it’s money through selling hamburgers, into a company who was making its money through property, land and buildings.

At the moment I think McDonalds own 45% of the land under all its buildings in the World and 70% of the actual buildings themselves and he didn’t even think of this himself.

He was in a bank trying to get an extension on the loans that he had on his own house and the bank were refusing to give him the extension. He was overheard by Harry Sonneborn who asked to look at his books and he said to him you are in the wrong business here, you shouldn’t be selling hamburgers. What you should be doing is buying the land under the buildings, so you buy the land, the Guys build the buildings on top of the land and if they don’t do what you say then you kick them off the land.

It’s a ruthless business, but that’s how they make all their money but what I’m saying is that this was a chance meeting. If this Guy hadn’t had been in the bank at the same as the other Guy, and if he hadn’t had thought about this then McDonalds Hamburgers wouldn’t have been where it is.

So you’ve always got to look for the opportunities in life, but most opportunities will come to you because you are in the right place at the right time and if you are drinking what’s the likelihood of the opportunities coming to you or you taking advantage of the opportunities.

If you have any questions at all leave them down below, if you want to come over to the website you’ll find a lot of information over there about different aspects of quitting drinking alcohol. You will find more inspiration and motivational stuff and some practical tips, there’s about 600 videos there now so there’s an excellent archive of information for you to dig through and find some information about.

“A new door cannot be opened until you have the courage to close the one behind”

Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!

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