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The One Good Thing About Alcohol Moderation

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 3 comments

Every so often, somebody asks me about moderation… “Do you think it’s possible to moderate alcohol?”… “Is moderate drinking possible for other people?”…

These are logical questions when you are faced with the discomfort of stepping away from something which you have done for a long time, from a crutch which has “served” you for a long time.

The title of this video is a bit tongue in cheek… I don’t think there is anything good about moderation, even for those people who CAN moderate.

The reason is because moderation is a trap.

Moderation will either keep you walled into an idea that you need alcohol, although you don’t see a problem with “moderate” levels of consumption, or you will be locked into a battle of moderate > normal > moderate > normal > moderate > normal … Most likely both of these ideas are relevant.


  1. Roseann

    Was going to have a beer. Now I’m not. Thank youQ

  2. Jena

    I tried to purchase the &1 trial but am unable to do so as I live in the US-how do I allow international purchases from my bank?

    • Kevin O'Hara

      You need to contact your bank to unblock the payment.


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