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Alcohol Mastery Podcast Session 5

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Alcohol Mastery Podcast Session 5

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I love the idea of learning, so to show you how optimistic about the future I am, I think that you should learn and keep learning until the day you die. You can teach an old dog new tricks… what a crock… If you don’t want to be taught there’s not a teacher on the planet and no amount of teaching that’s going to work…. But if you want to learn, you’ll learn… It might take you longer…

I think that no one knows, for sure, what’s on the other side, or if there’s anything there. Who knows? There’s no one alive that can tell you that

It’s the stuff of religion and philosophy, but it’s all conjecture, speculation, theory – even if you believe in a religious doctrine, it’s still only theory, everyone can’t be right…

Same with philosophers.

I will keep my mind working and learning for as long as the physical apparatus is working and in good enough shape to do the job.

That’s good half full glass thinking…

Self Perception

In the podcast this week, I’ll talk a bit further on ways to alter your self perception.

What is your perception about yourself in terms of your alcohol use?

Do you view yourself as an alcoholic?

How does that reflect on the other parts of your life?

Once you stop, should you still refer to yourself as an alcoholic, just so you are always careful when you’re around alcohol?

Living in the West of Ireland and the way it affects the self perception… parochial thinking
Living and dying in same places…

How to change your self perception.

Dove Soap Commercial

The question this weeks is about glass half full or half empty… where do I stand

If you have anything you’d like to ask, send me an email at kevin@alcoholmastery.com

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  1. Michael Pollard

    Sorry Kevin, I absolutely loathe this type of commercial masquerading as social comment to change perception and prejudice.
    Below is my comment left on youTube:

    “Bear in mind why Dove have made this.
    Purely and simply it’s to sell Dove products.
    This is in no way some sort of benign campaign to change what women or society perceive of themselves.
    As always, follow the money”! 

    Whilst appreciating your attempt at illustrating change in self perception, it utterly fails for me as it focuses on fear and insecurity, albeit in a subtle and non threatening fashion, and the take home is…’ Buy Dove’.

    • Kevin O'Hara

      I completely agree about the commercial intent, of course, but I do like it… and, for what it’s worth, I don’t think trying to sell something is a bad thing. I can also accept it as ‘social comment’ if it’s done with taste. For me, Dove does that beautifully. I thought it the company was highlighting a woman’s natural beauty, which struck me as refreshing, instead of trying to twist our views with false photoshop imaging… that of course is only my perception.


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