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Pandemic Pandemonium Perpective

by | Done, Stop Drinking Alcohol | 2 comments

Today’s video is from my perspective on what is happening in our world right now. It’s a crazy time for everyone. There are many people who are under severe threat over this, but most of us aren’t. Our biggest problem comes when it comes to giving it to other people who are more vulnerable than we are. So please observe all the measures you can to make sure we all partake in keeping this under control and the more vulnerable members of our world safe and well. I wish you all the very best of health.

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  1. Julie Rynn

    Thank you Kevin needed this, you are a better sort than the bloke on
    the cover of your book remember that kind thoughts Julie Rynn.

    • Kevin O'Hara

      Thanks Julie. We are changing the book cover 🙂


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