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More than 5 drinks a week could shorten lives by years, report finds…

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Today’s topic I want to talk about is just a study that I came across, it was actually a newspaper article, that highlighted this study. I think it was CNN or one of those newspaper articles. I’ll leave the link down below to the article and to the actual study itself. The title of the article was, ‘More than five drinks a week could shorten lives by years: study finds.’ Some of this article was, I’ll just read you some quotes out of it.

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An international team of researchers looked at data from, it was just under six hundred thousand people. It was actually five hundred and ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred and twelve, current drinkers across nineteen different countries and they were asked about their drinking habits dating as far back as 1964 and they were followed for years afterwards.

People who were reported drinking more, had higher rates of stroke, heart disease and deadly high blood pressure and fatal aortic aneurysms. The team reported in the Lancet Medical Journal.

The paper estimated that a forty-year-old, drinking four units a day, above the guidelines has roughly two years lower life expectancy. Just some of the, these were some of the findings from the study.
In the five hundred and ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and twelve, current drinkers included in the analysis, we recorded forty thousand, three hundred and ten deaths, and thirty-nine thousand and eighteen incidents of cardiovascular disease events, during five point four million-person years of follow up.

Now for all cause mortality, we recorded a positive and curvilinear association with the level of alcohol consumption, with the minimum mortality risk around or below one hundred grams per week.


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