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Drinking 0% Beer When You Are Just Starting Out

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 1 comment

When you are stopping using alcohol, can you drink non-alcohol beer? In this video, Kevin talks about the mental hurdles of stopping using alcohol and how drinking 0% alcohol can actually hinder the process of change, especially in the short term. I talk about my own zero beer history.

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1 Comment

  1. rick

    Hi Kev, great videos. Helps to watch them when I feel a craving. Quit 3 years ago (slipped once). I drink 2,3 non-alc .5 beers a day, don’t go to pubs anymore. Saved a lot of money! Still working on the junk food habit. Watched some videos on drinking Kava as an alcohol alternative. Have you heard or tried this drink? Can’t find it in Canada.

    Thanks Kev. Enjoy your walk today. I will


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