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Do You Have An Alcohol Problem If You Drink Alcohol Every Day?

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Do you have a problem with alcohol if you drink alcohol every day? The first thing we have to establish is what drinking any alcohol does to you. Alcohol is a drug, it’s a dangerous toxin that affects your brain and body.

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How’re you doing? I’m Kevin O’Hara for www.alcoholmastery.com

Today’s question is: Do you have an alcohol problem if you drink alcohol every day?

The way I want you to look at this is to ask yourself: “Would you be asking the same question if we were talking about smoking or cocaine use, or heroin use?”

If you said to yourself, “Do I have a problem if I smoke every day? Do I have a problem if I take cocaine every day? Do I have a problem if I take heroin every day?” The answer is that you have a problem if you take any of the above three things.

With most drugs if you’re taking a drug, the problem is that you’re taking the drug in the first place; that’s the big problem – that’s the big issue.

The more you drink, the more damage has been caused to your body. Your body can only handle a certain amount of alcohol. Your body can handle one-tenth of a bottle of wine, for instance, per hour. That’s about it. Your body can handle about a third of a pint of beer per hour and that’s over the whole course of the hour. After you’ve gone past that, the alcohol is going through your body and your body is not metabolising it, it’s just allowing it to circulate through your body and that’s when it does the damage.

The reason why I brought up heroin and cocaine and even cigarettes, was because there is an undefined – there’s no real definition/definitions for alcohol dependency or alcohol; if you’re a problem drinker or if you’re an alcoholic. These definitions are really undefined, there’s no real one definition for them. So, nobody can tell you which part of that you’re in, where the line is, once you step across that line.


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