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Can alcohol be beneficial in some ways?

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Today’s question is: Can alcohol be beneficial in some ways? It depends really on what you consider beneficial. It’s certainly beneficial for the companies who make the stuff. It’s beneficial for the pub and restaurant owners who sell it. It’s beneficial for the governments who derive massive amounts of tax from you consuming it. But is it – can it ever be – beneficial to you?

The quick answer is yeah, of course, it can – but benefits are always in the eye of the beholder. They are what a person chooses to see as a benefit; what they want to see as a benefit.

Often times it’s with drinkers, they get so used to drinking and using alcohol as a tool, to solve different issues in their lives, that they forget how to deal with other things. When you start drinking, when you’re young – maybe you haven’t learnt the skills.

I think that’s probably the case with most people, the certain skills that they just didn’t learn or they haven’t learnt properly, because they’ve been drinking alcohol for so long.

Let’s put it in this way; you’ve got certain needs in life – certain innate needs – that you can’t progress in life if you don’t get these basic needs set out. Some of them are food, air, sleep – there’s other ones like shelter. The basic needs that go up and above that, security and stuff like that, but air food, sleep, shelter will take those four.

When you ‘re looking at these needs, you can get the basic needs satisfied, but with very poor quality. You can live in a city, like one of the busiest cities in the world; say New York or some of the Chinese cities are massive cities, with so many people in them, so many cars, so much pollution, so the air quality is going to be pretty bad – but you’re still getting air – you’re still surviving.


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