After Alcohol - Finding The Right Balance | What Works for Me | SDA20

After Alcohol – Finding The Right Balance | What Works for Me | SDA20

Welcome to Stop Drinking Alcohol Week 20.

I gained a total of 5 pounds over the last couple of weeks, not bad since I ate a lot of food that I normally wouldn’t. What would it have been life if I had been drinking? Probably around the same, maybe a bit more. I eat more now. Before I used to fill up on beer before I even got to the table, then couldn’t eat half the food.

The Bad Back Shows It’s Ugly Face!

I had a revisit of my bad back for a couple of days this week. Could be a number of reasons… family do’s always bring about a bit more tension than normal. I get out of routine, I eat more crap than normal. I also changed my exercise routine a little, adding a bit more fast burning exercise in an attempt to speed up the weight loss a bit. I have to ask myself if that type of exercise is any good for me these days. I never have any problems with yoga, touch wood, because it’s a more deliberate slow workout.

Different Strokes for Different Folks

You’ll get to know your body as you get into exercise, you can tell what’s working and what’s not. It’s hard if the only exercise you’re getting previously is lifting a glass to your lips. You don’t know what suits you and what you’re gonna suck at until you try. If you suck at something it might be just because you’re not used to it. You probably need a lot of practice.Stop-Drinking-Alcohol-Week-20---Cafe-Belmonte

Café Belmonte Anyone?

We had a couple of Dutch friends with us over the weekend. They stayed in a local pension. It was a bit of fun having friends over when they weren’t actually staying with us. We had a couple of lovely meals together and then went home, ideal! Have a look at the video to hear about the waitress who mistook my order for Spanish pudding and brought me a Café Belmonte… a Spanish coffee with a shot of brandy! It looked delicious.

Be Cool

Don’t let other people dictate who you are. People see things as they see them. When some people hear that you have quit drinking, they will automatically assume you’re an alcoholic. And the word alcoholic conjures up many different images in someone’s mind. Don’t let that affect who YOU are. Most people are very well-meaning, they don’t want to upset you or push you back down the pit of despair.

It doesn’t bother me that someone drinks in front of me, it doesn’t bother me if someone doesn’t realise that I don’t drink and they put a glass of wine down in front of me. Sometimes I even forget myself. Don’t feel you have to explain yourself… you don’t. Just be cool, laugh about it and pass it on to someone else.

So, that’s the Stop Drinking Alcohol Week 20.

Onwards and Upwards!

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