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A Little 13 Year Old is to Blame for My 30+ Years of Alcohol Misuse

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 4 comments

I decided to start drinking when I was thirteen. It took me until I was forty six to realize that what I was doing to myself for all these years was based on the judgment of a 13-year-old. Would you trust a 13-year-old with life altering decisions? Don’t let your own 13 year old dictate your decisions for you.

How many decisions have I made in my life based on that judgment?

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Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. Rob

    Hi Kevin, just to say well done and thanks for the sacrifice and commitment in all you do to share help to people like me who are intent on changing their drinking habits. I watch your videos everyday and find that consistency a great help to keep my mind right, not to mention your nonsense, practical and logical advice. Your attitude resonates greatly with me. From listening to you over the last few months I have seen that we share many things in common so it’s inspirational to see you so convinced and convincing in you message.

    Anyway, go raibh míle maith agat agus slán

    Rob Peat
    Valencia, Spain

  2. Ricky L Powell

    This makes perfect sense. Thank you again my friend. Things like this helps me very much. I dont have to use the decision I made at age 11 to live my life anymore.

  3. gas

    Kevin you are doing a great job and obviously your videos are having the right affect as I have been off it now for nearly a month and have no intention of going back on it . I always thought I wanted to give up drinking and smoking before I was told to by the doctors. Funnily enough I had decided to give up which I had done before for a month but this time after finding your videos have inspired me to stop . It has also helped my partner cut down big time from maybe 4 serious sessions a week to just a few pints at a 50th party over the weekend. Fairly mental being in the pub from 8.30 until gone 12.30 and being able to walk out the door and drive home alcohol free . Keep up the good work


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