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Would You Still Drink Alcohol if…You Knew You Were Going To Die

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This one is a bit of an unusual comment and I thought it was an interesting topic, it’s from 2barPSI, “if you knew you were going to die because of something unrelated to alcohol, would a person stop drinking?”

It’s a really good question, I get something that a lot of people would think, “What’s the point in stopping drinking? What’s the point in stopping smoking?” I suppose if you’re a drinker, and you’re close to death? And I don’t know, that’s a situation that you have to ask yourself, that depends on the situation, it depends on the person. And I’ve thought a couple of times if what would it take to put me back onto alcohol? You know, if somebody, the doctor all of a sudden said, “Yeah, you’ve got a disease that you can’t get rid of, you’ve only got a couple of months to live with it go back to the booze..” Then? The answer is no. I don’t think I would, you know, I think, as I said, I can only speak from being a healthy person, much healthier now that I’ve stopped the poison.

And then going back and talking about this from the perspective of somebody who is who will be in that situation? I mean, I’m not in that situation. So I don’t know. But from my position, I can look at that and say, no, definitely I wouldn’t. For a start, I think, because I think if there was a drug that I wanted to take, it wouldn’t be alcohol, I think there’s better drugs out there that you can take that would enhance your final time on this earth, rather than push you into a cloud of what I was used to doing for all those years, alcohol has got so much my alcohol drinking behavior, I should say, has done so much damage to my life, and has taken so much of my life that I can’t ever see myself going back to that ever again.

So from that perspective, i just wouldn’t. I’d want to elevate myself, if I was living a life with pain, if my last few days were going to be painful, then I want something to take away the pain, I really want to be spending as much time as I could with my family, as much time conscious and as alert as I could with my family. So if I was taking drugs, it will be along those lines. And just as an aside, here, I’m not against drugs, I’m not for a drug free society, because it’s never going to happen, not in our lifetimes, and not for a long time. It’s just the way society is, I don’t think that anybody should live their lives based around the morality of somebody else, or another group of people.

I’m all for individual rights, you should be able to do what the fuck you want with your own body regardless of what anyone else thinks, as long as you’re not harming somebody else. So that’s where I come from, from that perspective. From my perspective, if I, if I was in a position I can’t think of, I can’t think of a reason why it would start drinking again. Like I say, if you’re, if you’re drinking already, that’s a decision that you’d have to make, whether you want to spend some time. You know, as I said, being as competent as possible, being as happy as possible. I don’t think alcohol is going to give you that ever.


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