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Why Has My Life Changed So Much Since I Stopped Drinking Alcohol?

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Stopping drinking alcohol has just been one decision which has opened my life up to so much more so much more value in my life.

We’re talking about this in one of the other videos, where your potential starts when you stop drinking alcohol. It takes a lot of work to in order to get to your potential, the more potential you want to open up for yourself, obviously, the more work it takes to get to that. But it’s a decision which, and you know, I look back on it, I just think it was by far, the best decision that I’ve ever made in my life by far because it’s opened my life up to so much more time, more money, more relationships, just more life in general. 

When you’ve got more time that expands out into a lot more things that you can do with that time, even the same amount of time, you spend that time drunk. And the same amount of the same 24 hours in the day shrinks. Because you don’t want to be there, you’re escaping from life. But when you’re living life fully, and you’re out there, and you’re forcing yourself to do it, sometimes it’s hard. It’s not easy all the time. But it’s a lot easier than living that life where you’re poisoning yourself all the time. And you’re just, as I say, trying to escape from life.

The biggest thing for me has been a stopped stupefying in my brain, stopped handicap in my own mind. That fog, I used to call it at the beginning because I couldn’t think of another way of saying it, it was like a fog had been lifted off my brain like a wet towel have been lifted off my brain, where now I can see things. But it’s the fact that your brain is stupefied by alcohol. You know, it’s why people they are so boring. Listen to what a drunken person talking and they’re so boring, because their brain has been reduced to the level of an idiot.

So for me, it starts out by reducing or getting rid of that one thing, right? Not bombarding your brain with this poison anymore. And you know, when when I look around myself now I see people talking about things like their mobile phones affecting their brains, 5g affecting things, under looking for all these things outside of themselves, environment or pollution or we’re being polluted out of the you know, we’re all going to die within nine years, I heard somebody saying that the world is going to be ending in nine years time. The food that we’re eating, you know, when they’re pouring junk food into their bodies. And but these same people who are worried about these things.

I always remember going into my local gym down here. And one of the trainers sit outside smoking, it’s not something that you see them doing a lot of smoking outside the gym. But how many of the trainers would go to the pub that weekend and pour poison down themselves, when they’re talking about the outside of their body, trying to train the outside of their body to such a, you know, they don’t skip a beat. When they’re pouring this toxin inside of themselves. And they, it’s always the same shape that you hear again, and again. And again. I don’t do it too often. As soon as I say to people, now I don’t drink alcohol. They go, Oh, well. You hear the excuses coming out. And I’m not bothered about other people. You know, if they want to drink alcohol, that’s up to them, my family drink, some of my friends drink.

And one of the questions that I get on YouTube a lot is “Well, you’re just being a party pooper. You just want to everyone to be teetotal”, I don’t care. You know, I’m all in favor of legalizing drugs because I think it’s an individual choice. In a way, should you be told what you should do with your life by somebody else because of their moral standard? Right? It boils down to education, if you’re going to allow that you’ve got to educate people. Anyway, that’s a different story.

For me, it’s all about the brain, better brain, I was able to think about things. I had better thoughts. I was able to do things that were better, think deeply into things and then put those thoughts into action, and then your energy levels because of that. And it’s all like a vigorous cycle because you get your better brain. You get your better thoughts, you translate that into better actions and you get more energy. And then that translates back around again into a better brain, you know, you’re sharper. Because you’ve got a sharper brain, you’re able to think better, and on and on it goes.

So, for me, as I said before stopping alcohol is just the beginning. You know, if you want to have a good life, you’ve got to work at it, you can’t just hide anymore from life, because you haven’t got that physical aspect where you can pick up a bottle and disappear into the bottom of a bottle anymore. So you’ve got to get those fundamentals right. Or, to put it another way, you’ve got to first attack the right fundamentals, if you’re trying to move forward with a life that you want to be successful, you want to live the best possible version of yourself. But you’re taking a drug, that is taking a lot of your time taking a lot of your money, and reducing your brain handicap in your brain.

Basically, if you’re taking a drug that is handicapping you in any way, shape or form, then it’s like having a huge elastic band attached to you and attached to your present because you’re not going to be able to move forward, when you’re poisoning yourself, you first got to stop poisoning yourself. And that alone is going to create a potential for so much more in your life. Without you stopping the flow of alcohol, you’re always going to be handicapped by your own stupidity, literally. And I’m not saying that you’re a stupid person, right? I’m saying that alcohol makes you think stupidly, you know, I was there. Like I said, I’ve been there. I was there for over 30 years. So I’ve got no excuse.

But to stand up and say, this is what I did with my life. But you have the choice. As I said every time, this is a simple choice for you to stop drinking alcohol, there’s no thinking that you have to do this. And the reason why I say simple is because you either say “I’m gonna put the alcohol into my mouth, or I’m not.”

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