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The Benefits Of Alcohol: You’ll Soon Figure Out The Truth

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This was from Anthony White, and he said, “I wish I’d listened when I was told that alcohol has little or no benefits, it took me until I was 47 before I figured it out. I’m nearly two weeks or two years clean now, and I am not an alcoholic.”

Me too, it took me until I think 46 to figure it out. So it’s around the same time, and also, I’m not an alcoholic, you know, one of the things about people who drink alcohol, they say that there’s benefits to alcohol is that you can hide from reality, but you can’t hide from it for long because reality got a habit of coming up and biting you in the ass. And pushing reality onto you.

Because when you’re taking a toxin like this into your body in such large amounts, then you are going to suffer the consequences that in more ways than one. So any benefits that you think you’ve got, you’re soon going to come about and you’re soon going to figure out the truth of that. You can get yourself as much as you want about the benefits. I’ve done this myself, you know, it’s one of the things that I understand because I did it to myself for such a long time.

You know anything that sort of said, “Oh, yeah, there’s benefits to drinking the old Guinness, Guinness will help you to live a long life. You know, Guinness is good fear.” And I suppose that was one of the reasons why I kept saying I wouldn’t drink Murphy’s. You know, I wouldn’t drink Beamish, which is just the same sort of shape. It’s just a different brand name, because Guinness was branded differently over many, many, many, many years. So it was a generational thing that you believe that Guinness was gonna help you to live a long life and my mother drinking Guinness to give her iron, when she was pregnant. There are way, way better ways of getting iron into your system, but because of these old wives tale, you know, drink something like this, I mean, in all fairness, you would drink one bottle of this stuff, so I presume it wasn’t doing that much. But that was the thing.

It’s only when you get to a stage where you realize you’ve got no choice, but to see that your life is basically falling apart, you are basically falling apart your thinking is basically the shareholder and writing from the outset from the inside out. Now when you do that, you start to see, well, maybe the benefits that I thought there were to alcohol are not as good as I thought they were, you know, this is basically a vicious circle, you know, you build the life that you want to escape from, you know, when you’re a kid, I mean, there’s this kids that are born into this world, and they have horrible life.

But I think for most people, you know, being a child is a time of magic, wonder, joy and all those good things in life. So it’s not something that you want to escape from, you know, we escape into, into our imaginations, but it’s a natural sort of a thing to do in what we build the life that we want to escape from when we get older. And through the work that we’re doing, the way that we’re thinking, but mostly through this kind of stuff through the destructive behaviors that we attach ourselves to kidding ourselves that they’re bringing those behaviors.

So build the life that you don’t want to escape from. One of the fundamental things that you can do is to stop putting this poison inside your body and start dealing with the problems that you’ve caused.


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