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The 4 Week Sober Slump And How To Beat It

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Welcome to another step of our Unplugged journey! In today’s video, we are tackling a common hurdle faced by many Unpluggers – the 4-week sober slump. One of our community members, Mark, has expressed his commitment to the Unplugged path but is experiencing a new level of exhaustion.

In this video, we’ll unpack the reasons behind this tiredness and provide tips on how to overcome it. We cover topics from understanding the body’s healing process after years of alcohol intake, the importance of a balanced diet and regular exercise, the necessity for proper hydration, maintaining good sleep hygiene, and incorporating meditation and relaxation in our daily routine.

On this journey, we understand that each step away from alcohol is a step towards a better life. So, join us in this video to learn how you can beat the 4-week slump and continue moving Onwards and Upwards. Let’s keep taking those steps, keep the alcohol out of our mouths, and remember: Every step you take in this journey is celebrated by our community, as we’re all committed to walk it together.

Also, don’t forget to check our FREE beginner’s guide. It’s a short starter course that will help you realize that you’re capable of doing this. You can find the link in the description.

Stay committed, Unpluggers, and see you in the next step of our journey!


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