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Stop Alcohol Quick Tip- Releasing Your Brain

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We’ve been spending a bit of time lately talking about how you can start reaching towards your potential, otherwise known as the best possible version of yourself..

Or the best possible version of your life by stopping drinking alcohol and through stopping drinking alcohol. One of the ways you’re going to do that is just by what I describe as release in your brain. If you think about the habit, and you isolate it down to just the alcohol, then it’s a pretty straightforward thing to do, you get rid of the alcohol and everything else changes.

But as I said, over and over again, this is not about the alcohol, the alcohol is just a starting point. The reality is that it’s the mentality that’s at fault, that instant gratification mentality, that quick fix mentality, whereas I want my buzz right now, I’m not willing to wait for it. And I’m going to be driven by my emotions, instead of my rational thinking. And it can cause a whole load of problems, it narrows your mind down, it narrows your thinking down.

And the more you drink, or the more you take any drug or the more you indulge in the instant gratification mindset, the more your mind gets narrowed, the more your life gets narrowed, but your way of thinking gets narrowed. And when you stop drinking, you unleash something within your mind that a lot of people don’t know what to do with. You’re starting out with a foggy brain, and you start to slowly on foggy brain, you have a adult brain, and over time you your brain starts to brighten up. Some of the changes happen very quickly. But you go from sort of a walking dead personality or a walking dead way of thinking most of the time, except when you’re at that point of getting the anticipation of drinking fulfills, and then after that is just run the mill stuff, into a lively brain, where your mind is working again.

Like I say, some people find this extremely difficult to handle because they don’t know what to do. You know, imagine that you’re going through your life, and you’re living as a drinker. And your brain slows down because of the alcohol, because of the toxins. And all of a sudden, you take the alcohol out of your brain, your brain speeds up and your train still do the same things, it’s not going to work, you know, what used to not be boring is going to be super boring to you now. So a lot of people find that they have that problem when they’re doing something. So the only way to move towards your potential is to learn. You know, I try and learn something new every day. Β It’s up to you to get out there and unlock your potential and what you do, how you think, they’re all going to have a lot to do with reaching your potential to get into that best possible version of yourself.


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