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Rationalizing The Feck Out Of Our Alcohol Use

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 0 comments

Alcohol is a psychoactive drug which means that it affects your cognitive processes. It affects your thinking, perceptions, moods, emotions, it affects everything that you do.

We’re all just products of our perceptions. So your products are what you take in from the outside world, and what you do with that information once it gets in there, and that’s your thinking and your emotions in a nutshell. And these affect the outcomes then what you put out into the world, and what you make of your life, how you perceive your life.

Alcohol is a dumbing down drug, it’s a depressant, it makes you stupid over time, it creates an environment in your brain where you gradually lose control over those processes.

As I say, we generate these rationalizations, we generally write these personal narratives, which are really good for our ego, but they do nothing for reality. They don’t change reality, reality keeps moving forward slowly but surely without you, you’re being left behind. The thing that matters the most is how you live your life when you’re not drinking, when you’re sober. Bad choices are caused by bad thinking.


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