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Alcoholic Wet Brain – The 3 Major Symptoms of First Stage Wenicke-Korsakoff Syndrome

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I want to talk about the three major symptoms of the first stage of Wet Brain.

It’s part of two separate conditions. The first one is Wernicke’s Encephalopathy. And the second one is Korsakoff’s Psychosis. The second one is a progression of the first Wet Brain. The people that are mostly affected by this are alcohol drinkers. There are three main types of symptoms of the first stage of wet brain or vercors encephalopathy.

The first three major symptoms are a result of Thiamine Deficiency or B1 Deficiency. 90% of patients who show up are first diagnosed with this, but don’t show any of these symptoms, but the rest of them do. The first symptom is a weakness or a paralysis in the eye muscles. The second symptom is a change in your overall mental state. So it can manifest itself in many different ways confusion, inability to concentrate, and confusion about where you were apathy. The third symptom is called ataxia, this is where a person loses all of their muscle coordination, their balance, it can affect their speech, it can affect when they’re picking up objects and it’s caused by damage to the cerebellum.


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