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Alcohol Mastery Shorts

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Just to let you know about the new Alcohol Mastery YouTube channel that’s just been completed, it’s called Alcohol Mastery Shorts!
I come across ideas all the time for videos, that are sometimes outside the strict alcohol quitting subject, but ideas all the same that might help you on your journey to free yourself from alcohol.
These short videos, mostly experimental (which means I haven’t really don’t know what I’m doing yet!!!), are a mix of inspirational quotes, personal observations, quick Q&A’s, and you’re suggestions would be very helpful and appreciated at this stage…Leave your comments below, send me an email: kevin@alcoholmastery.com, or use the contact form above…
The main reason I thought about making this type of video is because the subject of quitting alcohol can get a little serious at times, and I don’t think that’s what it’s about.


Many people approach quitting drinking like they are losing a best friend, mourning a bosom buddy, and they don’t quite know how they’re going to get along in life without this constant companion. Alcohol is not your friend; it is slowly killing you, your relationships, your health, your life! It is a prison that you’ve been building around yourself for years.

Quitting alcohol is about liberating yourself, it’s about the freedom from ever having the need or the desire to drink again. So, I hope the AM Shorts videos can be small daily reminders to stay happy, stay inspired, and stay positive. Once you no longer need to drink, you’re free! Free to do whatever you want. That’s like a release from your own personal Robben Island. It’s an exhilarating time, a joyous occasion that should be full of happiness, hope, and laughter!


I decided to put the videos on a separate channel because I wasn’t sure if they were to everyone’s taste.
So, if you want to see the Alcohol Mastery Shorts, you can subscribe to the new channel here: Alcohol Mastery Shorts on YouTube
Each new video will also be posted on the website as normal.



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