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10 Wonderful Things That Happen When You Stop Drinking Alcohol

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I want to tell you 10 amazing things that happen once you stop putting alcohol into your body…

First one is that you will sleep better. When you drink alcohol, you don’t necessarily sleep, you go into a coma, right? Your body kicks you out like that, but it doesn’t actually go into the deep sleep that is necessary in order to recuperate yourself, or to give yourself more energy the next day… In other words, what sleep is meant to do, it doesn’t do when you’re drinking alcohol.

Second thing that I’ve noticed in my life is that I eat less junk food. I ate less overall calories. When I was drinking, not only was I piling in the calories from the Guinness that I was drinking, but I was also eating crisps in the bar, I was eating fast food afterwards. And I was eating fast food the day after, when I was trying to come over come off the hangover. And in general, I just had a very unhealthy forms of nutrition going into my body.

The third one is a having a balanced blood sugar level. When you’re drinking alcohol, and all those calories, and all that sugar that you’re drinking, seriously puts your blood sugar levels completely out of whack, right? When you stop drinking alcohol, your blood sugar levels is like anything else in quitting drinking, you don’t go from a drinker to a non drinker straightaway, you know, these are going to be pretty fucked up for a while, your system has to get back into balance. And the only way you can do that is if you continue afterwards, and not put the sugar in. If you have to have sugar, try any sugar from oranges, or bananas, any natural occurring sugar. A lot of the time, if I have sugar cravings, I eat dates, I can get these delicious dates over here.

Then the fourth one is you’ve got weight loss. I lost 60 pounds in the first few months. And now I’m sort of like on this thing of up and down and up and down. But I think it’s a natural way to be when you’re my age. I eat a lot of food, I try and eat as many calories as I can. Weight loss is something that’s going to happen if you don’t replace the calories in the sugar. If you replace the calories in the sugar, it’s not going to happen, right? It’s an obvious thing whatever calories go in, and whenever calories go out, this is the balance, right? So you can help it along by exercise and all this kind of stuff.

The fifth thing is that you reduce your risk of some of the most horrible diseases that are associated with drinking alcohol. Alcohol kills a lot of people every single year, three and a half million people worldwide are killed through drinking alcohol, there’s over 200 different medical conditions that are associated with drinking alcohol. And I don’t care what anyone says about the benefits of drinking that drop of wine. The benefits of drinking are only small. There is only a small amount of alcohol that doesn’t make any effect on somebody who likes to drink or to get drunk, right. So, forget about those benefits, we don’t get a benefit from drinking alcohol, end of story.

The sixth thing is more money. Who doesn’t want to have more money in their pocket? At one stage I was spending, maybe we were putting across myself and a friend of mine, we’ll put it across maybe a grand a month across the counter. So that was 12 grand a year just in the pub in the one pub that we were going to, add to that all the money that you spent outside of it because of the hangover, right? All the money that I spent, going down to the the off license when I wasn’t going to the pub, and then add to that the opportunity cost of the money that you could have had, right? So because you’ve got a hangover, you don’t go to work, right? Or, in my case I wouldn’t go to work or you weren’t as productive in work, and you weren’t getting as much done as you could have possibly got done.

The seventh one is just an increase in overall quality of life. When you take out all the bad stuff, and you add in all the good things that happen when your mind is not clouded by alcohol, when your body is not fucking soaked in alcohol, your overall quality of life will increase.

The eighth one is mental clarity. Now with a lot of the other things that I’ve talked about a lot of the other benefits of quitting drinking alcohol, the effects won’t be seen for a while, it takes a while before your blood sugar levels balance out, it takes a while before you’re sleep becomes more normal, it takes a while before you lose the weight. But mental clarity is something that you start gaining immediately, as soon as you stop putting the alcohol in, the alcohol sort of doesn’t get through your brain anymore. It’s not interfering with you anymore, and you will start to think a lot clearer.

The ninth thing is an uplift in your own vitality. Mental clarity increases physical vitality. Again, it might take you a bit longer to achieve this because, your body is completely out of whack and dependent on how long you’ve been drinking, and how old you are all, those kind of variables. It’s going to take a little bit longer before you actually get there, but your vitality will start to rise. What do I mean about your vitality? It’s how you approach life… How you get up in the morning, how you feel when you get up in the morning, how you feel when you go to bed at night, and you’re looking forward to the next day to doing something the next day that’s not drinking.

And my final one is increased happiness.ย I can’t tell you how much my happiness has increased. Happiness for me is not something about stuff that I have.. We’ve just moved into a brand new place here. It’s bigger than anything I’ve had in my life before but I’m talking about happiness in being contented with what you’re doing and looking forward to doing other things into the future.


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