Podcast 19 – Ketogenics, Relationship Cracks, Living Forever, Alcohol Poison

In today’s video, I talk about how my diet has evolved since I quit drinking. I also talk about ketogenic diets and their dangers. I look at how some relationships can suffer once you stop drinking. I answer a question about living longer than the sun and the stars, a comment from the website, and how the idea of quitting drinking is about living a more quality life than aiming for quantity… Although that is a distinct possibility as well. Finally, I look at alcohol poisoning compared to other poisons.

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How to Have Fun Without Drinking?

How to Have Fun When You Quit Drinking Alcohol is about just that, having fun, great fun, once you stop drinking. I drank for almost 35 years and it was a downward spiral which every part of my life was being sucked into. The only fun I had was when I was drinking, so I tried to drink as much as I could, as often as possible. There is no fun in that. There is no fun in getting so paralytic with alcohol that you don’t know what’s going on. There is no fun in having to drink alcohol to have fun. Now, thankfully, I’m back on track…

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You Stop You From Quitting Drinking – You Author Your Own Destiny

Most of the time, the only thing that stands in your way of success – any success – is yourself. You can be your own best friend. You can also be your own worst enemy. Get out of your own way and be the author of your own fantastic destiny.

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Podcast 18 – Physical Addiction, Triggering, No Hangovers, Fatty Liver

Podcast 18 -Being disgusted with your past drinking…The straitjacket sense of security that 12 step programs provide… How long does it take you to get physically addicted?

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Discomfort for the Sake of Discomfort

We all know that in order to make changes in life, we have to get outside of our comfort zone. By definition, that means getting into your discomfort zone, feeling discomfort. This video takes a look at discomfort for the sake of being uncomfortable, testing the waters, putting yourself under discomfort deliberately in order to train yourself for when it matters.

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What’s Worse: Drinking Alcohol or Smoking Pot?

In this video – What’s Worse: Drinking Alcohol or Smoking Pot? – I discuss:
My experiences with both alcohol and weed.
How this question depends on your perspective, on what you define as worse!
And my opinion on both drugs.

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Podcast 17 – bad habits, bad symptoms, bad moderation, good triggers

Podcast 17 starts off with some information about the new Mastermind Coaching Program. Then, I go on to talk about:
Mad product placement…
Taking things step-by-step…

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Why I Will Never Be Fully Alcohol Free – Nor Will You!

This video is about why we can never be completely free of the substance of alcohol.

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Podcast 16 – Too much/Too little, Productivity & Terrors

In today’s podcast: Looking for balance after you’ve quit drinking…Having some patience and not making too many changes at once…

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How to Quit Drink Alcohol: Find a Way or Make a Way!

How to Quit Drinking Alcohol: Find a Way or Make a Way!

At times, you might find that yourself stuck, with no seemingly logical way of moving forwards… No piece of advice or technique seems to hold the answer. You are blocked with nowhere to turn. What do you do?

It’s at times like these where you just need to figure out enough to move yourself one step forwards in the right direction, however small that step is. Often, taking that initial step is enough to gain a little bit of height over your problem, to see things from a different perspective, enough to see the next step or two that you need to take. Don’t forget, in order to make any of this work, you need to have a goal which you aiming towards, otherwise your steps are merely going to take you around circles.

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