What are Alcoholic Triggers?

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Alcoholic triggers are like little switches in your head that create a thought. That thought triggers an impulse to do something, normally subconsciously, and that impulse leads to an action. Triggers are neither good or bad, they are just part of the system. They are the links that lead you from one automatic action to another. They act as reminders that you need to do something. They are the bonds that make your life tick over from one action to another. A famous example of a trigger is the bell used to induce saliva in Pavlov’s dog experiments. Read more »

How Much Your Memory Will Improve Without The Alcohol Drug?

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How Much Your Memory Will Improve Without The Alcohol Drug

My thinking has definitely improved, but I can't believe how much my memory has improved since I quit drinking. I’m not the only one who has noticed this. Every heavy drinker knows the feeling of waking up in the morning and not remembering what you did the night before. This is because when ethanol is in contact with your brain cells, your brain finds it difficult to encode information. That means that your brain finds it hard to assimilate new information. Read more here: Read more »

Leave The Drunk Behind and Get Everything You Want In Life!

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Will your life improve when you never drink alcohol again? It depends what you do with your extra free time and energy. If you spend your time mourning the loss of a close ally and friend, pining after those glorious nights you both spent together in wasted bliss, and how much you would like to get back together, how you can’t live without that toxic buzz, then your life probably won’t improve much. Read more »

The Power of Locking Down Your Alcohol Quit Day

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When it comes to picking a date to finish drinking alcohol, don’t choose tomorrow. There’s a very good reason for not rushing into it, you need time to make an effective plan and get your head and environment in the right place. You don’t have to make an intricate moment by moment timetable about how you’re going to get through each day, what you’re going to do in this or that situation, but you do need to prepare yourself. Read more »

What Are Your Reasons to Quit Drinking Alcohol?

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I could sit here for a full day writing about the reasons for you to change. Each and every one of them would mean nothing to you because my reasons to change are not yours. We all live our lives with our own perceptions about ourselves and the outside world. Take health reasons, for instance. We all know the important health reasons to stop drinking. Does it really matter to you that about 2,500,000 million people die every year because of alcohol, more than ten times the combined death rate for all illegal drugs combined? Does it matter that alcohol is responsible for over 200 medical conditions, things that can go wrong in your body because or your alcohol use? Most people who are contemplating quitting know that there are risks, even if they don’t consciously think about them. Read more »

Maximizing Your Valuable Days After Your Alcohol Problems Are Behind You

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The average life expectancy in most of the western world is over 75 years, in many places that figure is over 80. How many days are in those 75 to 80 years do you think? Just shy of 30,000 days for 80 years of life. That’s not that much when you think about it. My memory is pretty good. I can remember exactly what I was doing on New Years Eve this year, 2014, nine months ago as I write this. It’s the only New Years Eve I can remember. Every other New Year’s Eve is lost in the mists of time and the fog of an alcoholic brainwash. Life is far too precious to lose days like that, especially significant days like the start of a new year. My son came to Spain over the last Christmas holidays. I could give you a breakdown of what we did every day. That’s not something I can say about big chunks of his life. I was present but missing for a lot of it. How much of your precious time are you losing through your drinking? How much more time would you have to pursue your passions? Or is alcohol your only passion? Very few people can answer yes to this one. Read more »