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You Want To Change – Know Your Potential Obstacles

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When you want to make any changes in your life, whether that’s to stop drinking, smoking, lose weight, gain weight, or any big changes, you’re gonna have to know what your potential obstacles are.

When you’re making any big changes, let’s say for alcohol for instance, one of the things that is always going to be around, especially in the early days is that you’re tempted by alcohol. Whether or not alcohol is around you or whether it’s TV, whether it’s other people, whether it’s billboards, whether it’s the supermarket, there’s alcohol out there. So there’s always going to be there. It’s that instant gratification mentality. This is what we’re trying to deal with, it’s not just trying to get rid of the alcohol, it’s actually trying to get rid of that mentality, that you need to satisfy yourself in the moment, that you need to change whatever feelings, you’ve got the emotions.

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