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Why do people enjoy drinking alcohol and taking drugs so much when they are bad for their health?

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I think for most people they don’t even think about that in terms of their health, especially when they’re starting out. It’s one of those things that alcohol, the effects of alcohol and other drugs – not alcohol and drugs, but the effects of alcohol and other drugs – accumulate over time. There’re some drugs where you take them and there’s a bad effect straight away, but alcohol and other drugs, mostly you find the effects are accumulated over many, many years. So, the insidious nature of the drug, it really is that instant gratification. It’s looking at what alcohol is doing for you, at the moment, and taking that up. Using that as your motivation to take the drug.

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How’re you doing? I’m Kevin O’Hara for

Today’s question is: Why do people enjoy drinking alcohol and taking drugs so much when they are bad for their health?

You’re not thinking about the long-term consequences of this, you’re not thinking about what’s going to happen to you in six months’ time, or a years’ time or in ten years’ time; you’re looking at what it’s doing to you now.

All you’re really caring about is this, you know yourself that this one instance of taking this drug is not going to really do you that much harm, but as I say it’s the accumulation, the accumulation that eventually leads up to your knackered body.

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