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Why Do People Drink Again after Many Years Without Alcohol

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 7 comments

Today I just wanted to talk about why do so many people or many people or why does anyone, go back on to drinking alcohol after so many years? The same could be asked about people who go back smoking again, you know? You know, I’ve met more people that go back smoking than drinking, but that’s probably just in the line of business that I do.

And over the years, I think it’s, you know when people stop drinking and then they go back on to the drinking, in the past I would have said – “Yeah good on you, you know, going back to drinking” – but I never understood smoking and I don’t understand drinking now at this stage. The question is – why do so many people go back to drinking, why does anyone go back to drinking after so many years?

There’s a lot of different reasons let’s face it, you know, there’s, there can be a lot of different reasons, individual people, depending on who they are and where they are in their life’s, depending on what’s happening in their life’s, but I think for the most part, it’s an idea that, you know, people haven’t actually put their alcohol into their past, they haven’t, they don’t fully realise that this is a fucking bad toxin that they’re putting into their body.

I think that’s one of the main reasons is that, just people haven’t got over that fact that alcohol has got no value, they still see a value in drinking alcohol. One you see a value in something and the years go by, so the reasons why you quit in the first place dissipate and get sort of lost in your memory and it’s easy to start thinking, well you know, well I can control my drinking, that’s what one of the main things is.

You know, I’ve been off it now for, like if I was to go back onto it tomorrow and I started reasoning with myself, well, you know, I’ve been off it for four years, I know, I can control myself now. I’m a person who’s found a lot of control in my life and yeah, I definitely think, I could have a glass of wine with my dinner and not look back, you know and just think “well yeah, I can just stick to that”

But for myself, I know that where I am in my life, where my head is now, is because I stopped drinking alcohol right, it’s because I no longer poison my brain, because I can think things through a lot better now, because my health is a lot better and I push myself out to do more active things, more healthier things in my life, more constructive things in my life and I’m not stupid enough to think well you know, that I would lose, that I wouldn’t lose all that if I stopped drinking.

And maybe I wouldn’t for the first few months, six months, maybe, but I know that once I started allowing alcohol back into my life again, that it would only be a matter of time, before I would allow just that little bit more and I would think to myself – “well, yeah, I mean, you know I’ve had one drink now, you know, I’ll might as well, I’ll just have another one you know”

This is the nature of a drug. You know when you drink alcohol it lowers your inhibitions, it lowers your sense of responsibility for yourself, it lowers all these things about yourself that you know beforehand, you know, once you take this drug into yourself, it’s a drug, you know, it alters your minds, it alters your way of thinking. You know you might be cognisant of that in the beginning. You might be realising that, you know, like this is, I’m only going to do this at the weekends, or I’m only going to drink one glass of wine with my dinner, or I’m only going to sort of go in for one pint. But eventually that one pint will stretch to two and that two will stretch to three and before you know it, you’ll just give in to the whole thing and you’ll go – “yeah, I want to get pissed again you know” I want to feel what it’s like to get totally smashed.

And let’s not somewhere where I ever want to be again, its’ not somewhere where I’m ever going to be again. You know for, I think another reason is, that people just haven’t changed their relationship with alcohol. For me, alcohol is dead in my life, it’s just not something that’s going to happen, you know, my life, my whole outlook towards life has changed into something which is, I’m all the time looking for, clean living, wherever I can you know. I want to try and find quality, quality foods to put into my mouth, quality drinks. I’m looking to find ways of improving my quality of work, to improve my quality of sleep, to improve my quality of exercise in what I do and thinking about ten years down the road or twenty years down the road, of what’s going to benefit me most in the future.

So, that’s one of the reasons why I’m taking up Yoga, is because I think that, Yoga is not only going to benefit me now, because I feel I’m getting stiff in the joints, but it’s definitely going to benefit me in the long run, as I get older. You see some of these old Guys, old Birds, you know and they’re just flexible and they’re able to do things in their later years.

I watched a brilliant video, about this woman who had, she had this fucking disease and she was all bent over, she was like this and she was just, she couldn’t stand up straight and this therapeutic yoga teacher took over and starting giving her, you know, gradual lessons in Yoga. Started teaching how to do some basic movements and stuff you know. And I can’t remember the time frame that this happened in, but within a short space of time she was able to stand up straight, she was able to do some of the most amazing, yoga moves, you know and if you said that these two were the same women, put the two pictures, side by side, you’d had said no, it wasn’t the same woman at all.

But I’m just saying, anyway, I’m diverting away from what I’m saying. Alcohol is completely dead to me, it’s just something that I’m not going to do any more ever and that’s my changing relationship with alcohol, it just it doesn’t even enter my mind now, as a part of, not in my conscience, in my intelligent thinking anyway. It comes in every so often, as a brain fart, as an alcohol memory, but nothing else than that.

And other times, people let other people talk them into drinking alcohol again, they let other people go “well Jesus, you know one’s not going to do you any harm” or “I really enjoy my glass of Whisky, you know, it’s tasty stuff – its brilliant.” Or they allow the bullshit to come back in the propaganda, the depth and the robustness and the caskedy taste of this wine, you know, all that kind of bullshit, they allow that to get back into their heads again, you know.

And you know, they, for me, it’s always about focusing on what’s good for me, right, what’s good for my life, what’s good for the people in my life, what’s going to create the best quality of life, and in order to really make sure that alcohol is dead to me, I’ve just created so many different areas of my life, where, which preclude alcohol, which, I couldn’t drink alcohol again because I know that all these things will disappear. Will gradually diminish over time but will eventually disappear. And I’ll be left back where I was, you know, back drinking myself to death.

And there’s no fucking way I’m going to do that to myself. You know one of my biggest reasons for quitting drinking alcohol was because of my Son, because I was just afraid of the bad lessons that I was teaching him to do.

And for any parent, right you know, I mean, I’ve done this statistic in another video, but if this doesn’t scare you. Right, that, this is the first generation, first generation right, where the children are going to die before the parents, because of the stuff that they’re stuffing into their mouths right, because of the food that they’re drinking, because of the coke and all the other soft, shite, drinks that they’re putting into their mouths, because of the lack of exercise, because of whatever right, but it’s the first generation which is going to die before their parents.

This is a mad world that we’re living in you know, you know, I mean, just look at some of the things that are happening lately, you know, and people blame, people put the blame on other people right, they, you know, the election in America was a case in point it’s like, people want, they’re saying, well you know the reason why Trump was elected was because people want change. I can understand that. Clinton offered the same old, same old, and people said – “well you know he’s the one that’s going to push the button on the Nuclear Bombs” and other people would say “Well, Clintons more likely to do that.”

But what I’m saying is right, Donald Trump is going to offer change right, that’s a whole definite, that’s going to happen right? And you know, like, I can’t stand the man, I don’t like anything he stands for, most of the things that he stands for, I don’t like, you know, I don’t like that kind of, I don’t like his personality, I don’t like anything about him, mostly, but you know, he does offer change. But from me, from my perspective, most people are looking outside of themselves for change, when the only real change comes from in here. It doesn’t come from outside, it doesn’t come from a political party, it doesn’t come from a government, right?

These are things that are outside of yourself and if change happens on those, on that level, then all the better right, all the better for everyone concerned right. but real change, real personal change, real change in your life, is only going to come from you and it can start immediately, you don’t have to wait, fucking until January until the new President comes in, you don’t have to wait four years until the next President comes in, or ten years until that President comes in, you don’t have to wait until the rules are changed so you can do something different, you can change the rules yourself, your own personal rules, every single day.

You know, you can get up today, you can get up after this video and make a change in your life. You can get up after this video and say – “That’s it! Period. I’m not going to drink anymore and I’m never going to drink again. I’m going to focus my mind on the future, on what I can do to improve my life, to improve the quality of my life and to improve the quality of life for my children. Stop feeding my kids on the verbal, on the psychological diarrhoea and the physical diarrhoea that we’re giving them every day. you know.

We can do all these things but it takes you to do them. You don’t somebody else to change the rules for anything to happen, that’s all I’m saying is, but, look, rant, rant, rant, rant, rant, rant! Sorry! Sorry! I’m not even there, so I mean, as an outsider, I’m sort of scared as an outsider of what’s going to happen in the next four years, because America’s a pretty powerful Country you know. I think there’s other countries which are just as powerful and this is going to stir up a lot of shit, but maybe that shit needs to be stirred up. Maybe it needs to be stirred up just to change the way things are, you know. That, things have been going on that same way for such a long time, that, you know, Politics in general, is such a dirty, dirty, business. Life in general is going down the dirty thing.

I just watched a programme called ‘The greatest film every sold.’ Morgan Spurlock, who did supersize me and he just was talking about, the, advertising is everywhere and just the power of marketing and now marketers are going in, these big companies are going in and taking brain scans of their subjects, you know, they’re test subjects and seeing how their brains light up to certain words, when they’re used in certain situations. I guarantee you that that’s, the alcohol companies are involved in that. Guaranteed.

So, look the only personal power you’ve got in yourself, is within yourself, there’s no other way to look at this, you know. You make a choice every day to do something or to do nothing and if you choose to do nothing you’ve nobody else to blame but yourself. You can go out and blame everybody else, you can blame, you know there’s a lot of people right now that are going to, in four years’ time, they’re going to blame Donald Trump for everything right, everything that’s gone wrong in their lives, they’re going to blame Donald Trump for it. Same as a lot of people blame Barack Obama or would have blamed Hilary Clinton right.

The same things happening here in Spain with Rajoy, same thing is happening in England, the same thing is happening all over the world, there is a certain amount of people who just don’t accept personal responsibility for themselves and they just blame everything on whatever else, outside of themselves that they can, but the real responsibility, the real place where you can make change is inside yourself.

That’s the only place that you can really make real change, you know. If everybody ganged together right and decided right, enough is enough and instead of having these big divides, you know? The republicans versus the democrats, the conservatives versus the Liberals. If everyone ganged together and said – “Well we’re not, no longer, we’re human beings and we want change we want to see progress in our lives” – then you know we’d make a big impact, we’d make the only impact, you know the politicians wouldn’t be able to do anything, Army’s wouldn’t be able to stop us, you know. But we don’t. But in order for that to happen, people have got to start taking personal responsibility, you know, they’ve got to start changing on a personal level.

This video started out on a completely different subject, you know like, a few reasons why people go back to drinking alcohol, but it all boils down to that people forget the reasons why they stopped and people think that they’re going to get something out of the alcohol, that they’re not going to get you know, that they’re never going to get, you know.

And that’s one of the reasons why, you know, it’s never going to happen to me anyway. So I’ll keep making these Videos, I’ll keep putting myself out there to try and help as many people as I can you know, but at the end of the day, my responsibility is only to myself, that’s the only person, I can really do anything about. My responsibility and my choice is to get up every day and not to drink. I don’t even think like that any more. It’s my responsibility is to get up every day and to change the quality of my life for the better, to try and improve my life for the better and to try and improve the lives of my Son and my Partner and my family and my friends and the people around me. And by making these videos to try and improve the lives of whoever’s listening to it. I really do hope that, you know, I can at least play a small part in your life improvement and if I can do that, then you know, job done. You know, it’s just, yeah, I love it.

It’s a great life. It’s a great life, you just have to get up there and own the fucking thing you know, because it you don’t own it it’s going to own you. If you don’t make life your bitch, then life is going to make you it’s bitch.

Stay safe, keep the alcohol out of your mouth, hold on to that responsibility, you know, hold onto your choices. There the things that you’ve got, there the things that you’ve got most control over, what goes on up in here you know. It’s all about that. Onward and upwards, onwards, and upwards, moving onwards and upwards, onwards, and upwards man, onwards and upwards women, onwards and upwards, but take care.

Nothing will ever change if you point the finger of blame. Out of responsibility comes possibility

Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. Peter

    Good pitch. I agree with your contention that the most important changes we can make are changes in ourselves. With a clearer head and more energy you will become more productive and you will feel better about yourself.

    Regarding Mr. Trump; I too am most distressed about our new President Elect and still cannot fathom the fact that so many of my fellow Americans actually believe in him and simply accept or ignore his obvious lies and self-glorifying behavior. To me he represents the worst things about my country and I find his personality repugnant and totally repulsive. In my opinion, Donald Trump was elected because too many people actually believe the crazy bullshit they hear on the ultra-conservative radio and TV programs they listen to exclusively. These are the same people that want to blame others for everything wrong in their lives. We are in for a very rocky 4 years with our country becoming more divided than ever. Maybe this will give the Bernie Sanders Political Revolution the momentum it needs. Many of us are in his camp.

    You are right Kevin, real change starts with changing yourself and your own lifestyle. Neither alcohol or Donald Trump can help you to make a positive change in your own life. Those who return to alcohol as a social and psychological crutch are doing so for the same reason they started drinking in the first place. It is easy to open the bottle and drink your way to temporary happiness, but it does nothing to help you make the personal changes that will result in lasting happiness.

  2. Maria E. Mediavilla

    I agree with so much of your philosophies , thoughts and ideas.
    I can only change me – true – so very true – But – politics – I ❤️ Love, Love, Love Trump – so very thankful for Trump – I am thankful – the whickefed $itch ain’t in control of the USA – Again, I Love, Love, Love Trump. I’m working on staying away from the drugs! Thank you again Kevin!!! You are a gift to humanity!!!!

  3. Maria E. Mediavilla

    Thank you Kevin for all YOUR wisdom – U.S. politics – different – I LOVE Trump – personally, I’m tired of the news media BS!
    Call me what you want – I agree and am truly thankful – Trump is willing to play in this dirty game – gotta have the green to beat the machine.

  4. Mick

    Kevin, a great video, with you all the way. You always controlled by something, might as well be yourself. Love being alcohol free. Its truly liberating. I would never give that up the liberated life for a drug. I like the idea of yoga, I might take it up.

  5. alan

    Greetings Kevin, Thanks again for all your posts. Your comment at the beginning that Victor Frankl, survivor of the Nazi concentration camps, said, “When a person can’t find a deep sense of meaning, they distract themselves with pleasure” gave me pause for reflection and I think it is so true. A deep search for meaning is the main game! Thanks.

  6. Cat Preston

    I love this daily reminder to live the clean life. It is one thing I can do to change the world I live in and the life I live in it. I look forward to this every morning with my tea and you have been instrumental in my recovery from; nicotine addiction, freedom from alcohol and drunkenness, vegan lifestyle, daily walking…just a great life in general for over a year now. various times for various changes. I gotta say thankyou from the bottom of my heart.
    This video ending made me laugh out loud! I hate Trump and I live in the U.S.!!! NOW THAT REALLY SUCKS!!!

    Enjoy your day and I will be here to listen and watch daily! You are getting very good at filming and being aware of how your surroundings affect us watching! Thank You!…x


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