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Why Did This Woman Have Alcohol Withdrawal Seizure Treatment?

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 2 comments

Today I wanted to talk about a comment I got in one of my past videos about withdrawal and whether you should get withdrawal treatment or not.

The comment was:

“I’m in a hospital right now with my wife, ten hours after no drink and she had a major seizure and looked up and I thought she was going to die. It was the scariest thing, go get proper help.”

– this is what he’s saying to other readers.

“I can tell you a real alcoholic with, will have horrible shakes, and it can kill you. 12mg of Annaban Four and anti-seizure meds, thirty hours since the last drink and she is still shaky. 750 ml of Vodka a day for a year. Gained forty pounds and turned my wife into a shell of what she was. We’re going to beat this.”

And then there was another comment later on which was part two:

“They admitted her immediately, had another seizure in the Ambulance.”

Then it says in big bold capital letters:

“Get help – don’t dare try to do this yourself, if you’re a bad drunk, trust me.”

First of all, I want to say that if you’ve got a medical issue with alcohol. right?

With the consequences of alcohol – drinking.

I can’t help you, you’ve got to go and see a Doctor and that includes this kind of thing, you know with shakes, seizures – all that kind of stuff.

How do you know that you’re going to get shakes and seizures?

Well, this Guy has said it all in his one comment there, that his wife was drinking 750ml of Vodka, a day for a year.

I mean what do you expect is going to happen when you drink that amount of alcohol. That’s about 40% proof alcohol, it’s about 300 ml of alcohol a day, for a year.

You know, that’s three or four bottles of wine, 20 shots, 25 shots – I don’t know what’s in an – it depends on the average thing -but, drink that amount of alcohol and the damage is going to be that severe that you’re causing yourself medical problems.

95% of the people that come to this channel – are not in that boat, right.

I was drinking two bottles of wine at the most.

And he says “you’re not a real alcoholic.”

There’s no such thing as a real alcoholic

There’s differences, there are different degrees and nobody can agree on what alcoholism is, you know?

One person will say “Well, it’s – if you’re drinking every day than you’re an alcoholic.”

“If you get up in the morning and you think about drinking, you’re an alcoholic.”

You know, so there’s no such thing.

For me, an alcoholic is somebody who drinks, more than the prescribed dose.

For me somebody that drinks alcohol is an alcoholic.

It’s the same of somebody who dabbles in heroin, you call them a heroin user you know.

Different degrees of it, but you’re still a heroin user, it you’re a smoker, you’re a smoker.

If you’re a cocaine user, you’re a cocaine user, you know?

We have these degrees like there’s a light smoker, a heavy smoker, you know, all these kind of things.

The damage is there, the possibility of damage is there, as soon as you start taking this drug

And most people don’t look at this as a drug, so in the beginning it’s all fun and laughter and stuff.

People think – there’s no point, no problem with this, – it’s not a drug, it’s just what everyone else does.

Therein lies the problem, because, ten years down the road then, when you’re, you’ve developed a fairly bad tolerance to it and your habituated into drinking, every day, or every other day, or whatever it is that you’re drinking, then you’ve got a real problem on your hands.

So, the level of alcoholism just depend on the level of the problem that alcohol is causing to somebody.

I’m not against drugs.

I’m not against alcohol in general.

If people want to do that to themselves, then let them do that to themselves.

I think quashing these things, making them illegal, it just drags it underneath, under the surface.

And you put it in the hands of criminals, and you’ve just got a whole different level of problem on your hands then.

I can’t help any person, if you’re listening to this and you’ve got serious medical issues because of your drinking

I can’t help you with the medical issues.

I can’t solve those, I mean, I can make videos and but all my information is coming off the internet.

It’s the same place that you can get the information.

I might know where to look for it a little bit better, because I’ve been doing it a long time, but I’m not getting it from anywhere else, you know.

Come back to me when those issues are solved and definitely, I can help you – with the psychological stuff, with the head stuff – with the habit.

No matter how much you’re drinking, it all boils down to habit you know, and this is all I’m talking about.

You drink on a habitual basis, you drink lots on a habitual basis, and you’re going to have problems.

Serious medical problems with that right.

That’s a different issue.

The habit and getting off the alcohol, is habit basis, right it’s in your head.

It’s getting mind and over matter and it’s dealing with stuff in your head before anything else right.

And no matter how many AA meetings you go to, no many how many videos you watch, how many books you watch, you’re not going to deal with those things, until you can personally deal with them.

As I said earlier on, this is a problem of the amount of alcohol that you’re drinking.

If you’re sat there next to your wife and you’re sort of watching her drinking 750 ml of Vodka a day, you know, are you doing something about that? Because you should be.

You should be at least trying to do something about that.

You shouldn’t be sitting there, whilst she’s doing it and as I say, allowing her to do it.

I don’t know a better word to put on that, but as I say, 750 ml of vodka, is a lot to drink a day for a year.

That’s a lot of alcohol to put into your system.

Most people are going to seek help a long time before that.

They’re going to see it in themselves that this is not right.

You know, I need to look at this issue and try and find a solution for myself, before things get worse.

And that worse is obviously, that person is in hospital with seizures, when they’re is trying to stop, because they’ve gone that far you know.

This is where the alcohol, really the poisoning comes in.

Your system is that fucking poisoned with this stuff, that you know, it’s just not capable of having it there, you know.

It’s you’ve gained that level of tolerance for it, that you’ve just got a lot of problems, you know?

A lot of issues with organs that are failing and organs that are not working right, you know.

So, anyway look, I wish your Wife the best of luck, if you’re listening to this, but you can’t blame.

I’m not here to help somebody like that, you know, I’m here to help somebody who’s willing to help themselves a lot earlier than drinking a Bottle of Vodka a day.

Definitely come back, if, once you’ve got these issues treated and anyone who is anywhere near that level of drinking.

Please don’t look at my Videos, I think that that’s medical advice, you need to go to a Doctor, you need to get these things checked out before you even try and stop, because it is dangerous.

If you’re drinking that much.

“Alcohol – Temporary Fun with Permanent Consequences”

Until next time…
Good Luck
Take Care
Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. ron

    I agree most of us who come to your site arent as bad as that woman on a bottle of voddy a day you cant really say because this happened to me it will happen to you its just not true it ionly happens to a very small percentage of drinkjers most of us manage to get off it with no medical intervention

  2. Mick

    I feel sorry for this poor woman. But I do think there are equally lots of people who drink 3 and 4 bottles of wine a day who stop and feel nothing more than a hangover. A big well deserved one with all the days of paranoia etc etc. This woman was probably drinking a final drinks one-way or another regardless. Stopping is her only chance of living. Yes she needed medical help, but I think she would have needed it or an undertaker if she had carried on.

    My fear with stories like this, sad and true as there are, they don’t reflect total reality.
    In that if this woman had stopped even 2 weeks earlier she may have had a much smoother recoverer.

    I know personally 2 people who drink min 3 bottles of wine a day (minimum) and attempt to stop on a regular basis and their problem is that after 5 days they feel that well they want a drink.

    I also knew a young man in his twenties who drank more than a bottle of spirits a day. He used to sit throwing up into a bucket while drinking. He stopped for a while and was looking well, sadly he went back on the booze and is now dead.

    My fear is people may take the view, I am not talking to a doctor about this, I’ll have to carry on.
    I would have personally never mentioned my drinking to a doctor. I came close to death because of this vile substance and still drank it for another 5 years, it caused me several blood clots. I stopped for good after reading one of kevins books. This wasn’t a miracle cure.
    The real turning point came when I switched the word motivated to committed, an idea I got from a video on here.

    This may be controversial, Kevin may delete my comment. But if you so ill your going to die from stopping this shit you know your that ill. Notice I said stopping, if I had stopped a week before my blood clot my family would not have had to suffer the experience of being told he had 10 mins max to live say their good buys there is nothing we can do. I was very lucky, I am also very tough.

    Note, even that did not stop me drinking. This is the mind fuck this shit can have with you. If you think you may have a problem, you have stop today.

    If you think you actual ill go to the doctors. If you think you drink shed loads stopping might make you ill, stop anyway. Go to doctors if you can, but if you know you won’t go to the doctors, you are risking nothing because if you don’t stop your screwed.

    You probably think you don’t have a drink problem as big as the one I had. On the surface I was pretty much fully functioning person. I thought I just liked to drink, I was almost never obviously drunk. An alcoholic is someone who drinks as much as you do, but you don’t like them.


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