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Why Are You Ashamed of Telling People You Have Quit Drinking Alcohol?

by | Stop Drinking Alcohol | 7 comments

Alcohol is one of the few drugs where you are made to feel a certain kind of shame when you stop using it. Where does this come from? Quit smoking, quit taking heroin, quit watching too much TV and put that time into more productive effort, you’ll be applauded. People can see that you’re doing something good. But with alcohol, it’s different, it’s as if you suddenly have a problem now that you’ve stopped using, you have a problem now that you’ve stopped putting this toxin into your body. It’s all part of the bullshit propaganda that’s been built up over years and years.

I hope you enjoy the video.

Until next time…
Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. Ed Gala

    Good one. Liked the flu response to hangovers and reading up on the damage of alcohol to one’s system. Bottomline who gives a crap what a drug user has to say about drug use. Keep up the good work mate. You have been a big help to me staying off the booze. Thanks!

  2. Gail

    Hi Kevin

    I’m glad I’ve stopped buying and drinking expensive poison (alcohol).

    I’m glad I’m no longer a slave to buying and drinking expensive poison.

    I’m glad I’m hangoverfree from not drinking expensive poison. Effected me like drinking ‘draino’ at times; Yuck, I don’t miss that.

    I’m free,

    Thanks for all you do
    Peace, Gail

  3. ksusier

    Thanks! I needed that today. I am day 3 for probably the 50th time of trying to stop my weekend binge drinking followed by horrendous hangovers. One of the hardest things for me is what other people will think. I really like the “tell them to f— off!” approach. It made me laugh but so true.

  4. ron

    So true Kev Fancy names for drinking poison

  5. Sonny

    Thx for the reminder that whats going down your throat is poison!!

    Sad to watch George Best – All By Myself. The insanity of alcohol.

    Take care!!

  6. Erik Pleijsier

    hello Kevin,

    I am 8 months on the road of zero alcohol it give me so many good thing back in live, thanks to your youtube movies which I have looked very offten!

    Every time you start with “they have to fuck off” I got emotional but it makes me stronger!!

    Thanks for your help and best regards.

    Erik Pleijsier Rotterdam The Netherlands

  7. Dave

    Tell them to ‘fuck off’! Love it, love everything about it! I’m on Day 15 of sobriety; feeling great, work is much better, head clear, family life improving. Thanks, Kev, you’re The Man!


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